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Although the years are invisible, they always leave visible marks everywhere.

It has been ten years since May 12, 2008.

It is an unforgettable point of time for all Chinese people.

People living in the Longmenshan Fracture Zone in western Sichuan would not have imagined that

their lives would then be changed forever.

And other people in the land of China would not have imagined that

"Wenchuan" would become a lifetime memory for them.

Even profoundly changed the trajectory of each person's life.

In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed since the 512 Wenchuan earthquake.

The scene after the earthquake that year

We were strongly impacted by

Let us feel the power of nature and human insignificance.

And then the whole country.

The relief and reconstruction work of the whole country

We also felt the greatness of the motherland and the love of the people. 

That year

Thousands of people lost their loved ones and homes

The whole China and even the world was saddened by it.

That year

People and goods from all directions poured into the earthquake zone with love

To stop the pain of this wound

That year

Yahgee and the people of Sichuan were linked by heart and hand.

Yahgee people are competing to contribute to the post-disaster reconstruction.


Time passes.

After the initial painful and difficult days, the

Strong people start to live again.

Young boys grow up to be real men.

Middle-aged couples relearn to raise young children.

Only by moving forward can we say goodbye to the loved ones who were lost in the disaster.

And in ten years.

Rows of new and sturdy buildings have been built on the ruins of the past.

Yingxiu after the earthquake vs Yingxiu New Town after reconstruction

Yingxiu Town Primary School after the earthquake vs New Yingxiu Primary School after reconstruction

The building of Muyu Middle School in Qingchuan County after the earthquake vs The new Muyu Middle School after reconstruction

Dujiangyan City after the earthquake vs Dujiangyan City after reconstruction

On the tenth anniversary of

we revisit our memories, for remembrance, for tribute, for deep thought

We also want to examine and ask about our hearts and responsibilities now and in the future.

Remembering this history is not about remembering the pain.

Rather, it is to remember the strength and greatness that burst forth from the pain - from Wenchuan to Yushu, we have never forgotten.

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