【The Epidemic】Fighting against the epidemic, South China Control is taking action | Yahgee housing rapid response to help Wuhan epidemic
Release time::2020-01-17
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Since the emergence of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial and municipal governments have attached great importance to the epidemic prevention and control, and have issued important instructions and specific work deployment one after another. All the employees of Yahgee, a subsidiary of Nanshan Holdings, went against the trend, and actively cooperated with the government's deployment and arrangement, and rushed to the forefront of this epidemic blocking battle.

January 23, 2020

Shen Qimeng, Financial Director of Nanshan Holdings and Chairman of Elegant Integrated, focused on the epidemic situation and asked Elegant Integrated Housing to pay high attention to the changes of the epidemic and fully support to assist and organize relevant relief work according to the government requirements and enterprise demands.

17:00 The general manager of Yahgee Integrated Housing, Mr. Ding Kun, took the lead to set up the Wuhan epidemic emergency project team, including the company's management team, directors of all centers and general managers of all business divisions. The instructions required the production bases to sort out the product stock of their own and external manufacturers in advance and coordinate the logistics and transportation, engineering installation and other related resources.

22:00 Wuhan City issued an emergency urgent task to build an emergency hospital in Caidian District Staff Sanatorium, scheduled to be completed in 6 days. Yahgee received a work invitation letter from the construction unit constructing the construction project of Vulcan Hill Hospital in Caidian District, Wuhan, hoping that our company would fully cooperate with the work related to the construction of the project and keep the work phone open 24 hours a day.


January 24, 2020 (New Year's Eve)

8:00 Wang Yixun, Vice General Manager of Yahgee Central China Marketing Division, drove to Wuhan from Yichang to attend the emergency meeting of Wuhan Economic and Information Bureau for the construction of emergency hospital, and then rushed to the project site in collaboration with the leaders of Wuhan Urban Development Bureau to communicate with the construction plan of emergency hospital. Li Kaiyan, vice president of Yahgee, Zhang Shaojuan, director of the procurement center, and relevant persons in charge of each production division made preparations for the relevant resources in parallel while the information on project demand was still extremely limited.

January 25, 2020 (the first day of the Lunar New Year)

9:30 Liao Yun, Senior Account Manager of Yahgee Central China Marketing Division, rushed to the project site in Caidian to coordinate and follow up on the demand for the project box room. After continuous adjustment and modification of the plan, it was finally decided that Elegant was responsible for part of the on-site installation work of the box room and the production and supply of the first batch of 96 sets of box rooms.


January 26, 2020

10:00 The first batch of 15 installation teams from Yahgee arrived at the site of Vulcan Mountain Emergency Hospital and completed the installation of some of the box rooms.

12:00 The first truck carrying 100 sets of double doors was sent from Jiangyin to Caidian District, Wuhan.

14:00 The second batch of installers led by Shenzhen installation manager Cai Jun rushed to Wuhan. A total of 30 installers have reached the construction site of Vulcan Mountain project.

17:00 Liao Yun, Yahgee Central China Regional Key Account Manager, discussed the project with the contractor of Vulcan Mountain Hospital project, confirmed the project plan and details item by item, and gave timely feedback to the company's centers and departments through the emergency team communication group.

January 27, 2020

00:30 Final confirmation of the project plan by Party A. Ding Kun, General Manager of Yahgee, organized an emergency team teleconference to implement and deploy related work.   

13:15 The first batch of box houses for Wuhan Vulcan Mountain project built by Yahgee Langfang Production Division was loaded and shipped, and the subsequent box houses built by Yahgee Xi'an and Changshu Production Division will be loaded and shipped one after another.

Premier Li Keqiang, head of the leading group working on the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, rushed to Wuhan today to inspect and guide the prevention and control of the epidemic and visited the construction site of Vulcan Hill Hospital, asking all units to make sure the construction project of Vulcan Hill Hospital is completed on time with quality and quantity. "Can!" The front-line employees of Yahgee Integrated at the construction site of Vulcan Mountain made a promise to Premier Li to do their best to complete this special mission.

Nanshan Holdings and its units will continue to pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control situation in each city as well as the dynamics of Yazi's aid projects. We will take a series of strong measures to strengthen our own epidemic prevention and control work, and together with the people of China, we will dedicate ourselves to stop the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and assume the social responsibility of a responsible enterprise!

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