Public welfare
Public welfare
General Secretary Hu Jintao inspected Langfang Yazi
On May 25, Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the People's Republic of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, came to Langfang City, Hebei Province, for a field inspection of the production of disaster relief transitional housing. This is Hu Jintao talking with front-line workers in the panel workshop of Yazhi Integrated Housing (Langfang) Co.
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Elegance helps accounting for sampling activity rooms
Ltd. donated 4 sets of movable houses worth 100,000 RMB to improve the working environment of nucleic acid testing sampling sites and build a warm haven for the front-line epidemic prevention staff within the first time of the announcement of nucleic acid testing in the whole area of Changshu.
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yahgee Helping Nantong and Tongzhou Square Cabin Hospitals
Only 5 days! yahgee helps Nantong to build Nantong Convention and Exhibition Center Square Cabin Hospital and Tongzhou Gymnasium Square Cabin Hospital.
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China Nanshan Group rushes to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic
The epidemic in Hong Kong has touched the hearts of people. China Nanshan Group responded positively to the call of the state, the Group attached great importance to the special deployment, from the manufacturing industry, large logistics two business sectors to deploy the best troops, give full play to the "Hubei Defense War", "Wuhan Defense War" in the hammered attack ability, actively participate in the The company has been actively involved in the construction and transportation of the port, and has completed its tasks with quality and quantity, showing its role as a state-owned enterprise.
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【Anti-epidemic topic】Nanshan take charge of the epidemic - Yahgee - the "hard-core" power of the epidemic prevention war
From the time we received the assignment on New Year's Eve, Yahgee's employees were called back to work one after another from all over the world and worked overtime to organize the production. more than 50 employees worked on the front line to finish the construction of the boxes in two hospitals.
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[Anti-epidemic topic] Hebei News Network: "Vulcan Mountain, Thunder God Mountain" 405 sets of integrated houses "Langfang Yahgee made"
Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Meng Xianfeng) new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic affects the hearts of people across the country. 2 February, saw on the news for the centralized treatment of pneumonia patients in Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital was put into operation, Thunder God Mountain Hospital is also stepping up the construction of the news, Ding Kun's heart some excitement and pride, because these two new hospitals have 405 sets of integrated housing is their company to provide.
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