China Nanshan Group rushes to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic
Release time::2022-03-19
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The epidemic in Hong Kong has touched the hearts of people. China Nanshan Group responded positively to the call of the state, the Group attached great importance to the special deployment, from the manufacturing industry, large logistics two business sectors to deploy the best troops, give full play to the "Hubei Defense War", "Wuhan Defense War" in the hammered attack ability, actively participate in the The Group actively participated in the construction and transportation of the supporting port and completed the task with high quality and quantity, showing the role of state-owned enterprises.

Two key enterprises in the manufacturing sector of China Nanshan Group, namely Huainan Building Materials (HBM) and Yazhi Integrated Housing, have been tasked with the construction of community isolation treatment facilities in Hong Kong.

Huanan Building Materials (HBM) is a product manufacturer and technical service company of fire-resistant cabin systems for ships and total sanitary solutions for land use. In the past two years, it has successfully delivered the MiC project of Penny's Bay Quarantine Center in Hong Kong New Territories and the cooperation in the construction of anti-epidemic hotels in the Mainland. After the current epidemic outbreak, it has once again become the main supplier of integral sanitary unit products for the temporary isolation and treatment facility assistance project in Hong Kong.

In order to complete the construction task with quality and quantity, South China Building Materials mobilized all the forces and resources that could be mobilized according to the unified deployment, and coordinated as many production lines as possible to put into production. In order to shorten the delivery time and realize the linkage between production and assembly, the company deployed a dedicated team from the Foshan production base to support the project at the mainland assembly site in Zhuhai, running round-the-clock and completing the installation and delivery of the first batch of MiC compartments in just 14 days. early in the morning of March 6, these compartments arrived in Hong Kong smoothly, ensuring the completion of the Hong Kong community isolation facilities. South China Building Materials is continuing to produce and deliver products to Hong Kong to fight against the epidemic, and expects to complete the delivery of all products by early April.

Yazhi Integrated Housing is another force in the manufacturing sector of China Nanshan Group to fight against the epidemic, and was one of the first to participate in the "Wuhan Defense War" in 2020, fighting on the front line of the construction of Vulcan Hill and Thunder God Hill Hospital. Since accepting the task of helping Hong Kong to fight against epidemic in the middle and end of February, Yazhi Integrated Housing has been organizing and dispatching manpower and material resources of all branches, working overtime day and night to increase production capacity to catch up production. After 10 days and 240 hours of uninterrupted production, the first batch of packaged box houses were delivered on March 2 according to the specified time. As of press time, Shenzhen Yazhi has successfully delivered nearly 500 sets of packing boxes and functional boxes.

As the core business of China Nanshan Group, Chikwan Orient is the head enterprise of domestic trunk transportation, which played an important role in the "Hubei Defense War" in 2020 and was highly recognized and commended by the Central Steering Group and Hubei Province and Wuhan City. In the face of the Hong Kong epidemic, Chiwan Oriental actively responded to the national call and set up an emergency security fleet consisting of dozens of vehicles, and reported to the Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention Command, volunteering to take on the task of emergency transportation of aid supplies to Hong Kong at any time.

At present, the situation of fighting against the epidemic in Hong Kong is still severe. As always, China Nanshan Group will earnestly fulfill its social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise and continue to contribute to the power of "China Nanshan" to win the epidemic prevention and control battle in Hong Kong.

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