For Elegant Container House, we will provide 1 year steel structure, 5 years paint warranty and 3 years label warranty. For wear and tear parts, we will provide free material and freight service according to the project situation. In addition, Yazhi promises to provide replacement parts at lifetime cost.
Wind resistance class (wind speed)
Elegant standard container products can withstand a maximum strong wind level of 13, wind speed of 40m/s
Is it possible to do structural calculations?
Elegance provides structural measurement reports (for reference only), and this type of report needs to be provided by a third party.
Can elevators be made inside containers?
No, we recommend using concrete construction for elevator shafts.
What is the sound insulation level like?
For the time being, Agile is unable to provide measurement reports related to sound insulation levels; this type of measurement report needs to be completed by a third-party organization.
How is the high-rise building connected to the concrete core?
Our Yahgee solution is to pre-bury the steel plate connectors in the concrete and then bolt them to the box.
R-value of container room?
The values vary depending on the material.
How much is shipping?
We can ship these anywhere in the world. From Las Vegas, a rough budget might be $3-8/mile.
Can I be your agent? What are the requirements?
Under normal circumstances, we start with order cooperation. If our products and services can meet the requirements of your local market, you are more than welcome to become our agent if we confirm that there is no exclusive agent in your desired area, and we will offer you factory low price to help you develop the market. For exclusive agents, the company has certain sales performance and deposit requirements, so we suggest you can start from ordinary agents.
Service life
Elegance's modular products have a 20-year service life.
Waterproofing practices in bathrooms
Does plasterboard crack in transit?
Container housing structure system is relatively strong, the situation is a rare case.
What is the maximum number of floors that can be built in modularization?
Depends on the building system
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