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Proper resettlement of more than 14 million people affected by the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan were transferred, is the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission Hu Jintao highly concerned about the issue. Following the 22nd to Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province to inspect the production of disaster relief tents, Hu Jintao also came to Langfang City, Hebei Province on the 25th to Yazhi Integrated Housing Co. In order to let the 14 million people affected by the disaster in the recovery and reconstruction process can settle down, the central government decided to provide a large number of disaster relief tents to the disaster area at the same time, arrange special funds for the disaster area to build the first 1 million sets of disaster relief transitional housing.

  The earthquake in Wenchuan has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese children, and while everyone is lending a helping hand to the people in the disaster area, Yazhi Integrated Housing, the largest mobile home manufacturer in China and a holding company of China Nanshan Group, has been involved in the disaster relief as soon as it was informed of the disaster. The reporter dialed the cell phone of Liu Dingming, the secretary of the board of directors of Elegant Integrated Housing Co.

  The first time to quickly install disaster relief room

  Mr. Liu Dingming told the reporter that on the day of the earthquake on May 12, Mr. Han Guimao, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Tian Junyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Guan Mu Xi and Mr. Wang Zeming, General Manager of Elegant Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. learned about the specific disaster situation from the Chengdu branch and learned that the company's employees were safe and the base equipment was relatively intact. 20,000 square meters of mobile homes worth 7 million yuan for settling the affected people.

  It is reported that early in the morning of May 13, Yazhou held a special meeting at the headquarters of the company to adjust the structural form of the existing disassembled movable houses in order to adapt to quickly respond to the site of the earthquake-stricken areas and to be able to safely and quickly install movable houses at the site lacking ordinary installation conditions, so as to actively prepare for earthquake relief work. After the meeting, general manager Wang Zeming and deputy general manager Luo Yunsong immediately rushed to Chengdu to direct the earthquake relief work.

  It is understood that Chengdu Yazhi Company is also taking active actions, contacting with each disaster area at the first time and sending out the first batch of panel houses in the evening of the 14th, donating 269.28 square meters and 349.36 square meters each for rescuing the injured and sick in Mianzhu Culture and Sports Bureau and Mianyang Hospital respectively. Temporary placement of casualties to help the disaster area to solve the current urgent need to place a large number of casualties, victims need to temporarily resettle the problem.

  Liu Dingming said, May 16, Chengdu company emergency from Chongqing, South China and other places to mobilize 16 teams after a night of hard work, in the morning of the 17th before 6:00 completed the installation of 12 buildings of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qingyang, Chengdu. They were highly praised by Liu Bing, the mayor of Qingyang District, and were surprised by Yazhi's quick response ability, and expressed their surprise that the installation workers only drank their own water and ate their own dry food instead of eating a mouthful of mineral water and food given by Qingyang District. "We are deeply moved by the words of the Elegant installation workers, "We are determined not to accept anything donated to the disaster area.

  When talking about Zhao Ye, the installation team leader of Yazhi, Liu Dingming slowed down his speech, with a little pride in his tone. Liu Dingming said, Zhao Ye and 60 workers from Chongqing reinforcements together, from the evening of the 15th in the West body emergency temporary mobile homes. They did not close their eyes for two days and nights in order to build a good house for the victims, and after completion, they all collapsed from exhaustion, and the Sichuan media highly praised this spirit.

  "If we sweat more, people back home can get less rain."

  According to the overall deployment of the national Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, provinces and cities nationwide are to build one million sets of transitional housing in the disaster area within four months, with 20 square meters per set, totaling 20 million square meters. Yazhi, as a leading enterprise in the field of movable house, is caring for our compatriots in the disaster area and doing its best to assist in the post-disaster resettlement and reconstruction work organized by the government to help people in the disaster area create a warm home.

  It is understood that, after receiving the production task of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipal Government that need a large number of panel houses to aid the disaster area, Yazhi's molecular companies all over the country have held a mobilization meeting and immediately put into production, because the production quantity received to aid the disaster area is large, which is several times of the average monthly production in the past, and the time is tight and the task is heavy. In order to let the disaster victims live in a more comfortable environment as soon as possible, all departments and workshops of the molecular companies worked closely together, the workshop workers worked in three shifts, the machines and equipment worked around the clock, and all production bases nationwide were running at full capacity, trying to deliver the quality and quantity of panel houses to the disaster areas. As the largest production base in the country, Dongguan branch has taken up most of the production tasks, and on the one hand, it has to ensure that the production and distribution tasks are completed on time and within the deadline, and on the other hand, it has to take a large number of skilled staff to assist Chengdu branch as the main force in order to produce nearby.

  According to reports, the branch internal set up disaster relief production command group, highly organized and coordinated, all for the disaster area, all for the production, as long as the production task for the disaster area, what is missing to give what, not enough workers immediately recruit, equipment is not enough to immediately purchase. Liu Dingming said: "Many workers come from Sichuan, can not rush back home to participate in disaster relief, but fortunately the company's products are shipped directly to the disaster area, will be a passion all into the production. Some workers are still reluctant to leave work when their own time is up, they all say let me weld a few more steel parts, press a few more plates, our house will be able to reach the disaster area one day earlier, we shed one more drop of sweat, the people back home can get one less drop of rain ah!" At this moment, Liu Dingming's voice was trembling, and I felt like I saw the workers of Elegant Integration sweating like rain in the production workshop.

  Natural disasters have an end, but love is unlimited

  "The products produced are cold, but they contain the hot heart of every Yazhi person. As a company directly related to the disaster relief and reconstruction, it is the time for us to give back to the society and take up our social responsibility as a company. Yazhi will do everything we can to shelter the people in the disaster area and make a modest contribution to the reconstruction of the disaster area!" According to Liu Dingming, this is the voice of every Yazi people.

  It is understood that at 11:00 a.m. on May 22, 20 large trucks full of Yazhi's movable slab houses were shipped from Chengdu Yazhi to Wenchuan County, which is the most severely affected area. The 5,000 square meters of the houses were organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Construction, representing the deep love and friendship of the Guangdong people to the people in the disaster area in Sichuan. As the road from Chengdu to Dujiangyan has been destroyed by the earthquake and is currently impassable, the team had to take a roundabout route to reach Wenchuan via Baoxing, Xiaojin, Markang and Lixian, a journey of more than 800 kilometers, which takes three days each way, plus the estimated total time of 15 to 20 days to wait for site formation, installation and return. The company prepared enough drinking water, food and other supplies and generators, tools and spare parts for the installation workers who went to Wenchuan, specifically emphasizing the formidable difficulties of Wenchuan and asking all personnel to pay attention to safety first.

  On May 23, Shenzhen Border Guard Detachment sent 21 military vehicles to Yazhi's Dongguan production base to load 2,400 square meters of boarding houses and send them to Shifang City in Sichuan.

  On May 24, the leaders of Fujian government came to Yazhi's Fuzhou production base to attend the launching ceremony of the first batch of support materials, and the production base had already prepared 3,000 square meters of cubicles for loading. The areas supported by Fuzhou are Xinxing Town and Guihua Town in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province.

  According to statistics, so far, Yazhi has transferred more than 550 people from all molecular companies in China to Chengdu Yazhi technical, production, logistics distribution and installation personnel, and they are fully committed to producing and installing movable panel houses for people in disaster areas.

  The natural disaster has an end, but the love is infinite. Yazhi Company still keeps close contact with governmental organs at all levels and will spare no effort to put into the follow-up relief work. They believe that under the leadership of the Party and the government, people in the disaster area can soon get out of the shadow of the earthquake and rebuild a better home.

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