Yahgee actively participated in the earthquake relief work in Ludian, Yunnan
Release time::2016-10-21
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At 16:30 on August 03, 2014, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. Due to the shallow epicenter, dense population in the earthquake area and poor seismic resistance of houses, this earthquake caused heavy losses of people and properties, and more than 200,000 people were urgently relocated. The disaster touched the hearts of every Yahgee people. After the earthquake, Yahgee Corporation quickly set up a Yahgee earthquake relief command group with General Manager Zhang Dongsheng as the leader, Executive Vice General Manager Guo Qing and Vice General Manager Li Zhen as the vice leaders, to unify the command and deployment of Yahgee earthquake relief work and mobilize all resources of the company to ensure the disaster relief work in the disaster area as a priority.

On August 4, led by Wang Xiaojun, the manager of marketing department of Yahgee Chengdu, Yahgee employees took the lead to go to the disaster area in spite of their personal safety, braving the danger of aftershocks, and set up the temporary command of Yahgee earthquake relief in the front line to actively participate in the local earthquake relief work. On the one hand, Chengdu Yahgee contacted with the general headquarters of earthquake relief and obeyed the unified command of the general headquarters to carry out earthquake relief; on the other hand, it actively communicated with local education bureau, housing and construction department and medical system to understand the damage situation and needs of the disaster area, contacted the donation of temporary hospitals and schools, and urgently deployed and transported movable houses that could be used to build hospitals and schools to the disaster area.

On August 9, Yahgee assisted in the construction of the first panel house school in the earthquake-stricken area of Ludian, Yunnan Province - the central elementary school in Longtoushan Township. The project was constructed and installed by more than 20 Yahgee engineering staff who participated in the 2013 Ya'an earthquake aid work, and is expected to be delivered on the 12th. The aid construction is based on Yahgee's many years of experience in earthquake relief work and the characteristics of classroom rooms, and the traditional board room structure has been improved, with its spatial layout and heat insulation performance greatly improved, providing a safer and more comfortable learning environment for students.

Yahgee will continue to pay attention to the earthquake situation and work together with the people in the disaster area to overcome the difficulties together.

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