Yahgee's first batch of earthquake relief housing was sent to Ya'an on the 21st
Release time::2013-04-02
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At 8:02 a.m. on April 20, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, and other areas, with a depth of 13 km. The earthquake caused significant casualties and property damage.

The disaster is an order! As a leading enterprise and a responsible listed company, Yahgee Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. actively participated in the earthquake relief work as soon as the disaster occurred and took the participation in the earthquake relief work as a major political task to complete. At the same time, the company's rapid response mechanism was also quickly activated.

In the afternoon of April 20, Yahgee Corporation Chengdu urgently arranged three staff members to go to the disaster area to understand the earthquake disaster and the most important rescue tasks, and the three staff members arrived at the disaster area site at 4:00 am on April 21 and gave timely feedback to the company on the disaster situation.

In the morning of April 21, Mr. Tian Junyan, Chairman of Yahgee Corporation, held an urgent consultation with other directors of the company on the matter of earthquake relief and agreed to donate the first batch of earthquake relief houses worth about RMB 1 million to the earthquake-stricken areas.

At 9:30 a.m. on April 21, Yahgee Corporation held an expanded meeting of the general manager's office to make specific plans for the donation of integrated houses and emergency relief work to the earthquake-stricken areas in Ya'an. The company immediately set up a leading group to respond to the Ya'an earthquake relief, Yahgee to the shares of General Manager Shang Yuexiang as the leader, Luo Yunsong, Vice General Manager, Liu Dingming, Vice General Manager, Chengdu Yahgee Yu Bozhang, General Manager for the deputy leader, total coordination of related matters, other members of the management team also on production, deployment, research and development, outreach and other matters to do the division of labor, quickly put into place to work. Guo Bosheng, the director of the operation center, took a flight to Chengdu at noon on the 21st to coordinate the disaster relief.

In the afternoon of April 21, the first batch of relief housing of about 600,000 RMB was sent from Yahgee's Chengdu base to the disaster area. At the same time, Yahgee also organized the deployment of personnel, materials and vehicles from Dongguan Ma-Chong base and Yahgee Wuhan base respectively to Chengdu Yahgee, which will be deployed to the disaster area.

At present, Yahgee's follow-up plan for earthquake relief in Ya'an is being formulated urgently, and other work for earthquake relief is also being carried out in earnest.

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