Deep cultivation of environmental protection container equipment manufacturing | Yahgee special container appeared in the 24th China International Expo
Release time:2023-04-20
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▍On April 19, the "24th China Environmental Expo 2023" was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This environmental expo brought together 2,407 environmental protection companies from around the world, demonstrating water and sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, and solid waste Cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the whole field of treatment and disposal, air pollution control, contaminated site restoration, environmental monitoring, etc., from materials, equipment, technology to complete solutions, provide new ideas, new technologies and new models for global ecological environment governance.

▍Yahgee Special Containers, as an exhibitor (booth number E2-A31), made a wonderful appearance with environmental protection and green solutions. The environmental protection "black technology" showed the image of Yahgee special container environmental protection concept practitioners to the industry. The container-type environmental protection system adopts a modular and assembled design, and integrates the equipment in the container to realize overall movement and flexible combination and movable processing. Environmental protection has been a topic of long-term concern to people. In recent years, it has introduced new ideas in terms of industrial structure adjustment, pollution control, ecological protection, and response to climate change. It has promoted carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion, and growth. A beautiful vision of harmonious coexistence with nature.

▍Special container as one of the new environmental protection solutions has the following advantages:

1. Reduce the leakage of waste and pollutants: the airtightness and anti-leakage equipment of special containers can effectively prevent the leakage of waste and pollutants and reduce environmental pollution.

2. Promote circular economy: Special containers can be used to recycle, store and transport waste and waste products, promote the development of circular economy, and reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

3. Promote clean energy: special containers can be used to install solar panels, wind turbines and other clean energy equipment, promote the promotion and use of clean energy, and reduce dependence on fossil energy.

4. Reduce carbon emissions: Special containers can be used to transport and store items, reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption during transportation.


▍Yahgee Special Containers, as an environmental protection container equipment manufacturing enterprise, has been insisting on leading green and high-quality development with specialization and new equipment technology for many years. There are various business development modes, providing diversified services such as environmental protection container equipment customization and sales. In the development of more than ten years, it has continuously improved its equipment manufacturing capabilities, technological innovation capabilities, and operational service levels. In the future, Yahgee will always follow the ecological and environmental protection policies, adhere to technology-driven, value-added and environmental protection, and take the concept of green development as its own responsibility, and continue to intensively cultivate In the environmental protection container equipment manufacturing industry.

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