Focus on the general trend of energy storage | elegant debut at the 2023 Global Energy Storage and New Energy impact Summit
Release time:2023-03-31
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On March 30th, the two-day Global Energy Storage and New Energy impact Summit 2023 was held in Shenzhen. Yahgee was unveiled at this summit as the head enterprise of domestic special container production and manufacturing. 

This summit brings together high-quality brands at home and abroad, and all the leading enterprises gather together to present new products, new technologies, new processes and new materials around the world, showing the development trend and future trend of the industry in 2023. 

Under the trend of clean power under the guidance of "carbon neutralization", energy storage will run through the entire power system, the energy storage market will usher in rapid growth, and energy storage technology will usher in great development, which is an inevitable trend. 

The new model in the industry, new business type is also changing, this summit will jointly explore the new path of energy storage market application under the background of the new era and new pattern! 

With the continuous development of economy, society and science and technology in recent years, container energy storage technology has also developed to a new height. Container energy storage system (CESS) is an integrated energy storage system developed to meet the needs of mobile energy storage market. It integrates battery cabinet, lithium battery management system (BMS), container dynamic ring monitoring system, and can integrate energy storage converter and energy management system according to customer requirements. 

The container energy storage system has the characteristics of simplifying infrastructure construction cost, short construction period, high degree of modularization, convenient transportation and installation and so on. it can be applied to thermal, wind, solar and other power stations or islands, residential areas, schools, scientific research institutions, factories, large load centers and other applications. 

In the face of the vigorous development of the energy storage industry, yahgee ploughs the field of energy digitization, providing omni-directional solutions for families, enterprises, new energy allocation and storage, optical storage and charging integration, and reaches long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises around the world by virtue of high-quality products and services. 

Up to now, yahgee has established large-scale manufacturing bases in Changshu, Foshan and other places to provide high-quality products and efficient services to customers around the world.

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