Yahgee won the second prize of the innovation proposal of the fourth innovation competition of China Nanshan Group.
Release time:2023-03-24
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On March 16, the fourth Innovation Competition of China Nanshan Group was held in Chiwan headquarters Building. 

Under the meticulous organization of the Intelligent Manufacturing Division, this innovation competition won the second prize for "prefabricated frame box structure innovation and innovative application in the direction of energy storage". 

Yazhi, as the leading enterprise in the R & D and production of domestic modular construction and special containers, has adhered to the forefront of the service market for many years, quietly contributing its own strength to the development of the market. 

In the context of innovation and development as the driving force, the elegant transformation and development path is getting wider and wider. 

Relying on years of manufacturing experience and technical precipitation, the landing of various projects is closely related to the further application of digital and in-depth integration of new technology, new technology, new equipment and other innovations. 

In the future, elegance will continue to use innovative thinking, coordinate the relationship between various resource elements needed for the development of enterprises such as labor, technology, data and capital, deal with internal cooperation and exchange mechanisms, establish a unified and open standard system, and break down barriers. We will promote the sustainable development of innovation, enhance the core competitiveness, and make positive contributions to the long-term development of the group.

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