The Wong Chuk Hang student hostel project of the University of Hong Kong has been successfully delivered!
Release time:2023-02-06
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Recently, the last batch of modules of the Huang Chuk Hang student hostel project of the University of Hong Kong were successfully delivered in Zhuhai. 

Upon completion, the project will greatly alleviate the current shortage of dormitory places at the University of Hong Kong. 

The Centre for Architectural and Infrastructure Development and Innovation of the University of Hong Kong awarded a total of four honors to the "University of Hong Kong" project, team and individual.

The dormitory is built in the way of "assembly and synthesis" (hereinafter referred to as MIC). The completion of the project is a breakthrough in the field of MIC high-rise buildings in Hong Kong, realizing the landing of the application of MIC technology in all fields. The application of this technology will change Hong Kong's construction industry and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong's construction industry.

The "University of Hong Kong" project consists of two 19-storey student dormitory buildings, providing 1224 dormitory seats, each with a single room of about 6.5m2. 

As an important multi-storey residential project completed by MIC construction method, in addition to a short construction time, it is of great benefit to site safety, quality control, environmental impact, waste reduction and energy saving.

As an important milestone in promoting the development of MIC in Hong Kong, Changshu Yazhi is honored to participate in the "University of Hong Kong" project. 

The completion of the project promotes the progress of modular buildings from multi-storey to high-rise buildings, overcomes the problem of the application of high-rise modular building systems connecting stacking systems, and solves the design problems of high-rise modular buildings in coastal hurricanes and earthquake zones.

The breakthrough of module technology from theory to practice in factory prefabrication of modular building curtain wall has been realized. 

In the process of cooperation with the contractor Baohua Jianye, the two sides focus on technology research and development, product quality and rapid delivery, carry out in-depth cooperation, and work together to promote the progress of the project. 

In the process of project implementation, continue to optimize the cooperation process, promote the implementation of the project, and finally achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. 

The budget of the project is 1.26 billion yuan. Compared with the traditional construction method, the budget can be reduced by 100 million yuan, and the construction time can be reduced to 25%.

In recent years, with the increasing focus on green, environmentally friendly, efficient and in line with the trend of the times, the Wong Chuk Hang student hostel of the University of Hong Kong is the pilot project of the "assembly and synthesis" construction method selected by the Development Board. 

In the process of project implementation, Changshu Yazhi uses faster, better and more environmentally friendly building solutions, combined with its own advantages, to realize the four intelligences of project design, manufacturing, operation and service; through independent research and development innovation, quality digital monitoring system and other scientific and technological means to achieve digital management, scientific time limit management, process traceability, to protect the high-quality and efficient delivery of the project.

The project officially entered mass production in January 2022, during which the supply of materials affected by the "epidemic" was blocked and production slowed down. 

After more than 200 days of efforts, under the circumstances of many functions of the project modules, high design accuracy, many LCL locations and high decoration quality requirements, the team worked together with the owners, the general contractor and the partners to overcome the difficulties. finally, live up to the customer's high expectations and great trust to the project, successfully completed the module production task.

"rooted in the development of Hong Kong, it will contribute to Hong Kong's prosperity." 

In recent years, the two sides of the strait have made continuous efforts to promote joint construction, during which new opportunities continue to emerge. 

In the face of the Hong Kong market, Changshu elegance will continue to take root: with innovative technology, rich resource advantages, strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities, combined with the high-quality requirements of the Hong Kong market to create high-quality projects. Changshu elegance will also help Hong Kong prosperity to a new height!

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