Yazhi Special Container with New Energy Storage solution unveiled at SNEC2023
Release time:2023-04-20
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On May 24th, SNEC 2023 opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and elegant special containers with new energy storage solutions were unveiled (booth number: N4125). 

At present, green energy is accelerating its infiltration into life. 

Yazhi special container adhering to the manufacturing concept of "Seiko fine manufacturing", container modularization, integration of intelligent technology and technology core, aims to provide innovative solutions for new energy storage with safe, intelligent and efficient products and services. 

Energy storage special container is a comprehensive energy (power) solution which combines energy storage system, battery management system, thermal management system, electrical system, remote monitoring system, fire protection system and cargo transportation system. 

It can realize distributed energy management, realize the integration of multi-energy complementary energy system, and achieve the purpose of intelligent energy. Facing the change of scene application, elegant special container has both personalized customization, flexible and compatible integrated components, and further improve product quality and innovative service consciousness. 

Since 2018, Yazhi has increased its investment in the field of new energy, investing in the construction of integrated production lines, charge and discharge testing platforms, and an annual production capacity of 10000 energy storage containers. Adopt to simplify the manufacturing process, achieve fast delivery, simplify operation and maintenance, reshape new energy storage solutions and new ideas. From 2020 to now, elegant energy storage container shipments 20GWH, has provided green protection for many industries around the world, enabling low-carbon production and operation. 

As a key link of energy conversion, energy storage is an important part of building a new energy system. Yazhi special container will adhere to innovation-driven, continue to break through the technological boundary, continue to use high-standard, high-performance, high-design photovoltaic, energy storage special container products and solutions, wisdom to enable the global energy transformation, leading a green fashion life.

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