During the exhibition | Yahgee special containers were unveiled at GPOWER2023 Shanghai Power Show.
Release time:2023-06-15
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Shanghai June 14-16, the 22nd China (Shanghai) International Power equipment and Generator set Exhibition (GPOWER 2023 Power Exhibition) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Yahgee special containers were unveiled at booth E5858 with their emergency power supply solutions. 

Yahgee special containers at the exhibition site continue to attract people to pay attention to their products and solutions with higher efficiency, higher reliability and better performance. with enthusiastic service and professional knowledge, all the staff at the scene introduced in detail the functional features of the products, answered questions and answered questions carefully to every audience present, and exchanged and discussed with people in the industry present. 

Through this exhibition also let more people appreciate the strength of yahgee and brand charm! 

Generator special container is a kind of container that can store and distribute electricity, which is usually used to provide backup power when relying on constant power to solve the problem of power outage or lack of power. 

Special containers for generators can also provide electricity in remote areas or areas where infrastructure is lacking to meet production and living needs. 

At the same time, special containers can also provide mobile power to meet different power needs and application scenarios. 

Yahgee special containers can be customized according to customer needs to meet different power needs and application scenarios. Equipped with different types of generator sets according to customer requirements to meet different voltage, frequency and power requirements. 

At the same time, we can also carry out appearance design and painting according to customer needs, in order to adapt to different environments and application scenarios. 

Since its inception, yahgee has always focused on the research and development, production and sales of special containers, with strong R & D strength, stable product quality and perfect service system, modern production equipment and continuous technical transformation of the production line to make the layout more reasonable, more advanced technology, stronger technical force, has been praised by customers.

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