Congratulations | Yahgee won the title of "Top Ten Brands and Top Ten Energy Storage suppliers in China Energy Storage Industry in 2023"
Release time:2023-06-16
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On June 14, CESC China (Jiangsu) International Energy Storage Conference and Intelligent Energy Storage Technology and Application Exhibition opened in Nanjing International Expo Center. With the theme of "helping double carbon storage in the future" and aiming to break through the ecological barriers of energy storage industry, the conference is committed to building a whole ecological industry chain. 

The purpose of this conference is to further promote the development of intelligent energy storage technology, continuously improve the level and capacity of industrial resource integration, share new opportunities for development, and explore new modes of cooperation. Yahgee Special Container was invited to attend the conference and participate in the exchange. 

During this period, with its advanced intelligent manufacturing level, excellent product quality and perfect service system, yahgee Special Container was awarded the title of "Top Ten Brands of China Energy Storage Industry in 2023". 

Container energy storage system is a widely used energy storage technology, which has the characteristics of high capacity, strong reliability and high flexibility. 

In this technology, the battery cluster or battery box is put into the container, sound insulation and fire prevention are carried out through materials such as sound-absorbing cotton and metal perforated plate, and oil supply system, control room, lighting system, heat dissipation system and other facilities are equipped at the same time to realize the safe, efficient and reliable operation of the energy storage system. 

Container energy storage system can be used in power peak regulation, renewable energy grid connection, demand management and other fields, with high economy and environment-friendly. 

As a professional special container manufacturer, yahgee has passed the certification of French Classification Society, American Classification Society and China Classification Society. There are mechanics laboratories and automatic watertight testing spray rooms in the factory, and relevant quality inspection personnel track and record test data in every step of production and manufacturing. In the process of design and production, we pay attention to continuous improvement. 

Multi-dimensional efforts to provide our customers and consumers with more safe, professional, systematic and efficient quality products and services. 

This award is not only a positive response to yahgee's long-term insistence on working with partners for mutual benefit and win-win results, but also fully reflects the industry's trust and recognition for the technical advantages, product quality and system services of elegant special container products. 

In the future, the company will continue to provide innovative products and quality services for the energy storage industry with the advantages of scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing.

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