Using "performance" to promote prevention and prevention without "burning" elegance to carry out the emergency rescue exercise of production Safety month in 2023
Release time:2023-06-28
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In order to further carry out the theme activity of "everyone talking about Safety, everyone meeting Emergency" in 2023, and to effectively improve the employees' awareness of fire safety and the ability of self-rescue and prevention, recently, our company has carried out fire evacuation and fire equipment drills. 

This fire drill is divided into many implementation links, such as on-site demonstration, simulating fire situation, organizing fire fighting and so on. 

During the exercise, in addition to publicizing the basic knowledge of self-rescue and fire fighting in case of fire, actively publicize to all personnel the importance of fire prevention and enhance their vigilance and attention to fire hidden dangers. 

During the activity, all the staff experienced the fire scene simulated escape and intuitively felt the significance of fire prevention and control. 

During the exercise, special effects of fireworks will be set up, and the correct use of the fire extinguisher and the correct way to extinguish the fire after a fire will be explained in the open space, and the staff participating in the exercise will actively participate in it, carrying the fire extinguisher to fight the fire. 

Through this fire drill, we publicized the danger of fire, the knowledge of self-rescue and escape, and how to correctly alarm, fight and evacuate, and warn everyone to pay attention to the hidden dangers all the time. 

This activity enables employees to have a deeper understanding of the importance of fire safety, further master basic fire control knowledge and skills, improve the ability of rapid response to emergencies and the ability of fire prevention and self-rescue, establish a correct concept of fire safety, and enhance the ability of enterprises to deal with emergencies.

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