Show your elegant demeanor and hold an interesting sports meeting for the safety of workers.
Release time:2023-07-05
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In order to further strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization and enrich the cultural life of workers, on July 5, our company held the second interesting Games for the Safety of staff and Workers. 

This activity presents daily safety education and training in the form of sports meetings, and transforms static propaganda into dynamic experience, which not only enriches the workers' sports life, but also improves everyone's safety skills. 

This activity calls on all staff to vigorously carry forward the spirit of struggle, respect each other, encourage each other, deepen friendship and make progress hand in hand in sports exchanges. 

Carry forward the tenacious character of never giving up, and give full play to the spirit of "fighting", the momentum of "pioneering" and the courage of "creativity". 

This Games has carefully set up four competitions, namely, two dragons playing pearls, fire line rescue, bridge crossing and hen moving, which are interesting, entertaining and competitive, which is not only a competition of wisdom and strength, but also a competition of unity and cooperation. 

Everyone formed six teams, and each comrade was enthusiastic and energetic. In order to strive for the honor of the team, they raced against the clock to practice the competition, competed fiercely, won bursts of applause and applause, and left countless wonderful moments. 

In the event, everyone fully carried forward the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", showed their elegant demeanor, enjoyed happiness in interest, and gained from happiness in the sports. the competition produced a style, enhanced friendship, and enhanced the sense of belonging, identity and honor. it creates a harmonious atmosphere of positive, unity and friendship, and shows a good image of the elegant team working together and working hard.

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