Yahgee Appears at 2023 Container Intermodal Asia Exhibition
Release time:2023-07-20
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On July 19, the 2023 Container Intermodal Asia Exhibition opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Colleagues from the container and multimodal transport industry from all over the world gathered on the banks of the Huangpu River again to renew friendship, discuss cooperation and seek common development. The theme of this year's exhibition is "Interconnection and Common Prosperity".

As a leading enterprise in the container industry, yahgee actively adapts to the needs of market changes, actively introduces modern production technology, and improves its overall manufacturing level and product innovation advantages. In this exhibition, yahgee brought its special container products and business units closely related to multimodal transport to jointly present. The exhibits covered special container products such as large power storage power station, E-house prefabricated cabin, sewage treatment, emergency power supply, data processing center, etc., and focused on displaying the exploration and achievements in emerging fields to domestic and foreign audiences, attracting the audience to stop and understand and negotiate.

Through on-site explanations, brand demonstrations, etc., the powerful manufacturing and service capabilities of yahgee were presented to the audience. This exhibition not only provides Yahgee with the opportunity to display the most cutting-edge manufacturing achievements, but also further consolidates the brand image and manufacturing strength of yahgee: presenting new services and products in an all-round way, providing integrated comprehensive services, efficient, convenient and reliable solutions. At the same time, it also broadens the communication between Yagee and customers and professionals from all over the world, laying a solid foundation for deeper cooperation in the future.

In recent years, a series of breakthrough policies and measures of yahgee company have promoted the rapid development of special container manufacturing with unprecedented force. From hardware to software, the measures to break the situation and the exploration to solve the problem are gradually breaking down the barriers of manufacturing technology. Under the combined effect of many favorable policies, demonstration projects and technological innovation, yahgee is entering a new stage of comprehensive development.

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