Jointly create a new era of energy storage | yahgee special containers are unveiled at CBTC-2023 Shanghai International Energy Storage and Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition
Release time:2023-07-26
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CBTC-2023 Shanghai International Energy Storage and Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center on July 26-28. Yahgee and its special container products participated in this exhibition. This exhibition mainly showcases energy storage special container manufacturing technology and related services, and shares and exchanges with industry partners to discuss the future trend of energy storage (company booth number: Hall 8 H028). 

During the exhibition, Yahgee demonstrated its strength in the field of energy storage special container solutions. 

The company is committed to providing users with reliable and efficient energy storage system solutions, promoting the application and development of clean energy, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the power industry. 

Through the platform of the exhibition, we had an in-depth exchange with the visitors and jointly discussed the future development trend and innovative technology of the energy storage industry. 

Modular container energy storage system is a kind of energy storage system that integrates energy storage units into standardized containers. its main features are modular design, standardized production, high degree of integration, easy transportation and installation, short on-site construction and debugging cycle and so on. 

Customized services can meet the specific needs of customers and ensure that the product can play a full role in the usage scenario. 

In recent years, Yahgee is constantly improving the R & D, manufacturing and services of special energy storage containers, continuously strengthening technology research and development and product innovation, tapping more application fields, and constantly iteratively updating production technology to achieve large-scale manufacturing, providing high-safety, low-cost, high-capacity, high-efficiency, centralized products and services for the energy storage industry market. 

We will promote new business type, new steps, new experiences and new practices, and jointly seek a high-quality development path for the industry under the new situation and new pattern.

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