Yahgee with modular integrated building (MiC building) new construction solution unveiled at Guangzhou Residential Expo
Release time:2023-08-14
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From August 14 to 16, 2023, the 15th Guangzhou International Housing Fair opened ceremoniously in area An of the Canton Fair. 

Yazhi Modular Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yazhi") was unveiled at this Expo (booth number: 3.1 Pavilion L908). Elegance shows the achievements of modular construction projects and new construction solutions in recent years, attracting many visitors to consult and negotiate. 

Modular integrated building (MiC building), as an advanced form of architectural industrialization in the world, moves the building from the construction site into the factory, changing the three-dimensional vertical operation into horizontal flow operation, and the on-site underground construction and factory module production start at the same time, breaking the spatial constraints of production order and realizing standardized design, factory production, assembly construction and integrated decoration. 

It can greatly shorten the construction time of the project and reduce the difficulty of construction. 

In recent years, elegance relies on professional manufacturing technology to improve the installation efficiency of the on-site module, at the same time, make the module unit flexible to disassemble and build in different places, improve the repeated utilization rate of the building, and truly realize the construction concept of "mobile". 

Apply intelligent and digital technology to the whole process of project construction. 

With the integration of industrial Internet technology, a controllable integrated system is constructed in the links of manufacturing, transportation and construction, so as to achieve fine model, accurate drawings and prefabricated construction. 

At present, it has become the consensus of the construction industry to take scientific and technological innovation as the lead and prefabricated buildings as the starting point to transform and upgrade to industrialization, greenization and intelligence. 

In the face of the development opportunities of the construction industry, Yazhi will continue to actively promote prefabricated construction, increase the application of new intelligent construction technologies and products in the field of project construction, comprehensively improve the comprehensive level of project construction, and empower the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

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