Strengthening the Cooperation between Universities and Enterprises based on the characteristics of running a School-- the successful conclusion of the first Yazhi Cup Modular Architectural Design Comp
Release time:2016-05-17
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In order to further improve the scientific and technological innovation and practical hands-on ability of college students, strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and promote the cultivation of applied talents, our university and Shenzhen Yahgee Integrated Housing Co. On May 16, the commendation meeting of the first "Yahgee Cup" modular building design competition was held in the academic lecture hall of the university library. Ltd., Guo Qing, General Manager of Yahgee Integrated House Co., Ltd., He Liang, Director of Changshu R&D Center, Fan Dafang, Director of Architectural Office of Changshu Technology Department, Ke Youlin, Deputy Director of Shenzhen R&D Center, Jiang Guangling, Deputy Director of Administration Center, attended the commendation conference. The General Assembly was presided over by Zhang Liqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the university.

First of all, President Jin Zhinong delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of all the teachers and students of Nanchang Engineering College, Jin Zhinong expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to General Manager Guo and all the guests who attended and participated in the commendation conference! He introduced the school's characteristics and philosophy to the guests and emphasized the school's market-oriented development concept of focusing on school-enterprise cooperation, combining production, learning and research, cultivating high-quality applied talents and serving social and economic development; and highly affirmed the "Yahgee Cup" modular architectural design competition, saying that the competition Ltd. has taken a substantial step in the cooperation between the university and Shenzhen Yahgee Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. and will become a new starting point for the comprehensive cooperation and development of both sides; it is believed that through this cooperation, the university will vigorously promote a new leap in the cultivation of high-quality applied talents, and will also vigorously promote the development of Shenzhen Yahgee Integrated Housing Co.

According to the arrangement of the meeting, Xu Bin, dean of the College of Civil and Architectural Engineering, introduced the competition: the "Yahgee Cup" modular architectural design competition, which started in December last year and was officially launched in March this year, has lasted nearly half a year, with a total of 195 students from 6 colleges and 76 teams enrolled. After the preliminary round, 40 works were shortlisted for the final round, and on the morning of 16th, 40 works were spray-painted and framed, exhibited and defended in the art exhibition hall of the College of Humanities and Arts, and after detailed explanation by the participants and strict evaluation by the judges, a total of 20 teams won the awards, among which, one was the Grand Prize, two were the First Prize, three were the Second Prize, four were the Third Prize, and 10 were the Excellent Prize.

He Liang, Director of Yahgee Changshu R&D Center, introduced Yahgee to the participating teachers and students, giving a detailed introduction of Yahgee from the company overview, development history, corporate culture, strengths and advantages, seven factories, social responsibility and product features, which gave our teachers and students a deeper understanding of Yahgee.

After the Director of the Admission and Employment Office, Ms. Xiong Lique, read out the commendation document, the guests presented the awards to the winners. Gong Kaixuan, a 14 architecture student from the School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, made a speech on behalf of the winning students.

Finally, Guo Qing, executive vice general manager of Shenzhen New Nanshan Holding (Group) Co. He also introduced the market prospect of Yahgee and welcomed students from Nanchang College of Engineering to build their career on the broad platform of Yahgee, and hoped that this "Yahgee Cup" would be the starting point for the cooperation with Nanchang College of Engineering. We hope to use this "Yahgee Cup" as a starting point for deeper and closer cooperation with Nanchang College of Engineering.

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