Yahgee shares: stock abbreviation will be changed to "Nanshan Holdings"
Release time:2015-06-08
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Yahgee is dedicated to the business development and operation of new integrated houses and ship fire-resistant cabins, and is currently the largest manufacturer of integrated houses and ship fire-resistant cabins in China. Upon the application of the company and the approval of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company's securities abbreviation was changed from "Yahgee" to "Nanshan" from November 4, 2015, and the company's securities code remained unchanged, which is still "002314".

"In view of the completion of the company's major asset restructuring, the company's main business has changed from integrated housing business to diversified development mainly in real estate development business, and the income from real estate development will become an important source of income for the company, in order to better In order to better meet the development needs of the listed company, the name of the company was changed from "Yahgee Integrated Housing (Group) Company Limited" to "Shenzhen New Nanshan Holdings (Group) Company Limited". The registered capital was changed from RMB580,000,000 to RMB187,753,0273,000.

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