Yahgee Changshu "University of Science and Technology Suzhou Practice Teaching Base" was officially established
Release time:2016-11-17

On November 12, Yahgee Changshu, a subsidiary of Yahgee Corporation, and SUSTech jointly held the "SUSTech Practice Teaching Base" opening ceremony at Yahgee Changshu. More than 200 students and teachers from SUSTech attended the ceremony.

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning of SUSTech, founded in 1985, has five undergraduate majors and directions in architecture, urban and rural planning and environmental design, among which the disciplines of architecture and urban and rural planning, as advantageous disciplines in Jiangsu universities, ranked top in the annual discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education of China for degrees and postgraduates. Representatives from both Changshu Yahgee and Suzhou University of Science and Technology made on-site unveiling.

Zhu Yuehua, vice general manager of Changshu Yahgee, delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony. He firstly expressed his sincere welcome to the arrival of teachers and students, then briefly introduced the scale and development history of Yahgee and Changshu Yahgee, and pointed out that modular building, as a part of assembled building, is characterized by modular building space and standardized production process, and under the concept of green environment protection, emphasizes It also pointed out that modular building is characterized by modularized building space and standardized production process, under the concept of green environment protection, emphasizing integrated collaborative design and refined assembly construction, and paying particular attention to technology integration and innovation in technology; and expressed gratitude to the college for taking modular building as the research direction of this semester's topic! Finally, we hope that through the cooperation between the university and the enterprise, students can keep abreast of the technical development direction of the industry.

In his speech, Director Luo of SUSTech thanked Yahgee Changshu for organizing this visit and giving SUSTech a platform for practical learning. The "practice teaching base" is part of the school-enterprise cooperation, which will bring the theoretical knowledge of the school into practice and improve the practicality of the theory in the process of practice. Under the premise of school-enterprise cooperation, the combination of the novel design concept of SUSTech and the solid production practice of Changshu Yahgee not only brings into play the respective advantages of the school and the enterprise, but also promotes the sustainable development of the construction industry to a certain extent.

The success of this hanging ceremony provides a new model and opportunity for the school and enterprise to further develop multi-level, multi-forms and multi-disciplinary cooperation. After the hanging ceremony, Changshu Yahgee led more than 200 students and teachers of the college to visit Yahgee and the reception center project of Green Building Expo Park.

Students visit Yahgee steel workshop in Changshu

Students visited the reception center project of Jiangsu Green Building Expo

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