On February 19, the "Shenzhen version of Xiaotangshan" was delivered
Release time:2020-02-19
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On February 19, the emergency hospital area of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital and the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Infectious Diseases (Shenzhen version of Xiaotangshan) was successfully completed and officially handed over to the hospital management.

On February 1, the emergency hospital area project of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital was launched in accordance with the Shenzhen Municipal Government's request of "Better to be prepared than not to be used than not to be prepared". The project covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters and is expected to increase the number of beds by 1,000.

On February 2, Yazhi received the task of being responsible for the construction of the main part of the emergency hospital including ICU, operating room and general ward, Yazhi South China Marketing Division immediately started to respond and set up the Shenzhen isolation hospital project team to start this battle with time. In order to shorten the construction period to the maximum, while the site was being leveled by the Party A, Yazhi actively coordinated the production and organized the supply of goods, and did its best to guarantee the construction of Shenzhen Hospital project.

On February 1, the first batch of box rooms sent to Shenzhen Hospital in Shenzhen were sent out from the factory.

On February 2, 17 installation workers of Elegant reached the assembling site of Shenzhen Hospital.

Meanwhile, Elegant Box House reached the assembling site.

On February 3, the assembling work was in orderly progress and the site had taken shape.

On February 10, the completed box houses began to be lifted to the installation site for assembly work one after another. In order to guarantee the progress of the project, the general manager and directors of each center of Elegant went to the project site and concerned about the progress of the project.

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