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Release time:2020-02-04
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Workers are busy on the production line in the production workshop of Yazi Langfang Company

Hebei News (Hebei Daily Reporter Meng Xianfeng) The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection has touched the hearts of people all over the country, and on February 2, when he saw on the news that the Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital for pneumonia patients had been put into operation and that the construction of the Thunder God Mountain Hospital was being stepped up, Ding Kun felt a bit excited and proud because the two new hospitals had 405 sets of integrated houses provided by their company.

Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yahgee Langfang"), which is the general manager of Ding Kun, is an enterprise belonging to Shenzhen New Nanshan Holding (Group) Co. After the outbreak of the epidemic, they quickly set up an emergency project team with the Party branch as the core, quickly assembled a team of more than 40 people with Party members as the backbone to resume production, and worked overtime and continuously to deliver 405 sets of integrated houses to two new hospital sites in time.

Inside and outside view of integrated house

On that day, the reporter walked into the production workshop of Yazi Langfang Company located in Langfang Development Zone, Hebei Province, only to see the welding splashes in the work shop, the transfer truck was intensely busy, the top and bottom frame welding, glass wool filling, painting, the whole box assembly ...... integrated housing production processes are running in an orderly manner, the production of integrated housing soon loaded and shipped.

"The front line is a hundred thousand times more urgent, and we are also fighting for time." Ding Kun told the reporter that from January 23 (the twenty-ninth day of the lunar month) when they received the first urgent order from Wuhan, he and his colleagues have stayed at their posts and completed the delivery of two new hospitals in Wuhan with quality and quantity. At present, they are working day and night for the construction of back-up hospitals in other areas.

"We usually prepare materials according to the standard of 600 sets of houses, and the adequate preparation has played a role in this critical moment." Ding Kun introduced that the integrated houses they produce are mainly composed of top frame, bottom frame, column, insulation board and accessories, standardization, modularization and generalization are the biggest features, "This emergency production task, many parts are ready-made, such as the top frame and bottom frame just need to be welded together, which creates the conditions for fast delivery of orders. "

Integrated house interior and exterior view

Ding Kun introduced that the houses used for the two new hospitals in Wuhan, each with an area of 18 square meters with decoration, only need to be equipped with beds, bathrooms and other living facilities, connected to electricity and can be put into use. "To ensure the quality of installation, the company sent four professional installers to work side by side with colleagues from other companies under the group, who are still fighting at the forefront of the construction of the hospital in Thunder God Mountain."

The order is urgent, the quality can not be sloppy in the slightest. Ding Kun told reporters that although the resumption of the Spring Festival faced practical difficulties such as small staff and large workload, they strictly follow the process in the production process to ensure that the products meet the standards, safe and reliable. They also strictly ensure the quality of materials, such as insulation board filler is used both environmentally friendly and warm glass wool, the use of paint also meets environmental standards.

This emergency order, the most worrying thing for Ding Kun is the transportation link. Yahgee Langfang company belongs to the agreement of the transport fleet during the Chinese New Year shutdown, and the front delivery date is burning, how to do? Ding Kun had to recruit fleet drivers urgently. "Many drivers agreed without saying a word once they heard it was urgent ahead, which was touching."

As an enterprise in Langfang Development Zone, the start-up and resumption of production of Elegant Langfang Company also received strong support from the Industrial Committee and Management Committee of Langfang Development Zone, and the relevant leaders also went to the company site to guide the safety protection of workers, which warmed the hearts of Elegant Langfang Company people. "The epidemic is still spreading, we must work overtime and produce at full capacity to contribute to winning this epidemic prevention and control blockade!" Ding Kun said.

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