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Release time:2020-02-22
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In the face of a major epidemic, time is life. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the construction of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain Hospitals has once again amazed the world with the "speed of China" - Vulcan Mountain Hospital was delivered in 10 days and Raytheon Mountain Hospital in 11 days, providing a strong support to win the prevention and control battle of the new pneumonia epidemic. The strong support of the hospital In the epidemic, Nanshan took charge. On the two battlefields of epidemic prevention and control, there is a "hard-core" force from Elegant Integration, a subsidiary of Nanshan Holdings, which is unstoppable and must achieve its mission.

More than 50 employees were working on the front line to complete the construction of two hospitals' boxes one by one.

Behind the speed is the responsibility of the colleagues on the front line who are not afraid of the difficulties and are committed.

At 23:00 p.m. on January 23, according to the instruction of China Nanshan Group and Nanshan Holdings, Yahgee participated in the construction of Vulcan Hill Hospital in Caidian District, Wuhan as the main supplier, and the construction plan was determined on January 25 after intensive preliminary preparation and communication. In the Vulcan Hill Hospital project, Yahgee was mainly responsible for the reconstruction and installation of 189 box rooms and the production and installation of 96 sets of box rooms. From the delivery on January 27th to the completion of Yazi's participation in the construction aid project on February 2nd, only 6 days!  

Elegantly integrated employees working on the front line

At the same time, on January 24, Yahgee Integrated received a notice from Wuhan Thunder God Mountain Project to undertake the urgent task of 285 sets of special medical packing boxes. Yahgee Changshu immediately activated the rapid response mechanism and issued an emergency mobilization order. Most of the managers and frontline employees immediately returned to work and quickly carried out the production tasks, and completed the delivery of products on January 28, day and night.

The first batch of box house was loaded from Yahgee Sanshui production base and sent to Wuhan

The production line at full throttle

Ji Jingbao, a welder, was one of the first employees who rushed back to his hometown in Jieshou, Anhui Province, to spend the New Year's Eve, and returned to the Changshu factory by car overnight after receiving notice on New Year's Eve. In an interview with a local TV station, Ji Jingbao said, "Now the whole country is working together to fight the epidemic, and my colleagues and I just want to do our part. Many of us returned to Changshu overnight on New Year's Eve and have worked overtime until now, hoping that our efforts will bring help to the epidemic area."

The workshop site, Changshu Yahgee general manager Yu Hang replied to the reporter: "Because of the current traffic control in various places, we still have a lot of workers are still on their way back one after another. "

Ding Kun, the general manager of Shenzhen Yazhi, told the reporter: "Even if the order is urgent, the quality cannot be sloppy at all. Although the resumption of work during the Spring Festival faces difficulties such as few staff and large workload, we strictly follow the process in the production process to ensure that the products meet the standards, safe and reliable. We also strictly ensure the quality of materials, insulation board filler is used both environmentally friendly and warm glass wool, the use of paint is also in line with environmental standards. The epidemic is still spreading, we must work overtime and produce with all our might to contribute to winning this epidemic prevention and control blockade!"

Vulcan Mountain Hospital construction site

Behind the speed is the innovation of construction technology and the guarantee of production capacity.

Yahgee provided the industry's most cutting-edge assembly building technology for the Vulcan Mountain and Thor Mountain projects, maximizing the use of assembled industrialized finished products. The product is a movable and reusable building integrated box assembly product, which can be flexibly used in hotels and motels, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other rooms. Through continuous changes of product technology, the integrated house substantially reduces the workload of on-site operations, saves a lot of time and maximizes efficiency. In the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, it is this kind of integrated box combination house that quickly solved the problem of short-term accommodation for people in the disaster area.

A corner of Elegant Factory

Take up the mission and race against time! At present, Elegant Integration is making every effort to organize and resume full production as soon as possible, and the average daily production capacity of production bases nationwide has been increased to nearly 200 units/day box room. In addition to the key support for Hubei, the company has also received construction tasks from governments and contractors from Beijing, Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong, Jiangsu and other areas across the country where the epidemic is more serious to provide box rooms. The company will do its best to meet the demand of centralized medical observation point construction.

At the moment of crisis, the common choice of governments and contractors is the trust of China Nanshan and Elegant Integrated House brand.

Established in 2001, Yahgee Integrated Housing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen New Nanshan Holding (Group) Co. In the past two decades since its establishment, Yazhi Integrated, as a state-owned enterprise at the forefront of reform and opening up and a leader in China's integrated building industry, has actively practiced and assumed corporate social responsibility. Whenever natural disasters bring endless sufferings to human beings, Yazhi is obliged to rush to the forefront as a pioneer in disaster relief, and has participated in the resettlement work of many large-scale disasters, such as the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, the Morakot windstorm in Taiwan, the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai, the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the Ya'an earthquake in Sichuan, making significant contributions to the resettlement and reconstruction of disaster areas. In 2008, it was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Collective for Earthquake Disaster Relief" by the State Council State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

2008 Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake - Comrade Hu Jintao, then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, visited Langfang Yahgee

2010 Yahgee aid for Yushu earthquake victims in Qinghai

2011 Elegant Aid for the Fukushima Earthquake in Japan

The Chinese New Year was originally a time for family reunion, but the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of people in China. Facing the challenge of the raging epidemic, the fight against the epidemic is a time-critical and urgent one. At this moment, Yahgee's production line is working day and night to help emergency hospitals around the world to be completed as soon as possible, and to contribute to the overall war to win the war against the epidemic!

Go Wuhan! Go China!

There is no such thing as "infrastructure maniacs", but simple and kind-hearted retrograde travelers, and Yahgee is on its way.

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