General Manager of Nanshan Holdings, Wang Shiyun and his party inspected and researched Changshu Yahgee
Release time:2020-11-29
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On Nov. 17, Mr. Wang Shiyun, general manager of Nanshan Holdings, Mr. Lu Zhongbao, deputy general manager, and Mr. Shen Qimeng, chief financial officer, visited Changshu Yazhi to understand the situation of the enterprise at the grassroots level and to investigate and research the business development plan of Changshu yahgee in 2020 and 2021.

During the period, Wang Shiyun and his party visited the production site of Changshu yahgee accompanied by the General Manager Office of Changshu Yazi and learned in detail about the order production status and personnel situation of Changshu Yahgee production base.

In the subsequent seminar, Yu Hang, General Manager of Changshu Yahgee, reported in detail the operation data of Changshu Yahgee in 2020, external market and expansion, recent key management work and work planning for 2021. Wang Shiyun fully affirmed the new face of Yahgee's new business under the leadership of the new management team and the contribution made by Yahgee Changshu as an important force in the group's anti-epidemic work since the outbreak of the epidemic. He pointed out that we should effectively implement the deployment and arrangement of the government at all levels and the Group, actively act and take responsibility, carry forward the corporate spirit of China Nanshan Group in the new era, and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work.

Finally, he encouraged the Changshu team to further strengthen the site management, and at the same time to follow the future trend and do a good job in product optimization and innovation, so that the development of Changshu company can reach a new level.

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