The world's first dedicated immunization facility for business travel officially opened in Singapore
Release time:2021-08-26
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At the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic came out of nowhere, spreading around the world at an unexpected speed, and the global economy was affected to some extent as a result. To guard against foreign transmission, many countries imposed strict quarantine measures.

 Reunion @ Changi Hotel

As a typical foreign trade driven economy, Singapore launched the New Connections Program in December last year to create a secure channel for incoming business people. Entrants can discuss business matters in designated premises without the need for segregation.

Hotel interior view

At present, the "Gathering@Changi" hotel, built by Changshu Yahgeee, a subsidiary of the company, is now in full operation. Located at the Singapore Expo Center, about 5 minutes from Changi Airport, the hotel is the world's first prefabricated modular construction for epidemic quarantine and was delivered in just 2 months.

Bedroom layout

A total of 436 containers were used for this project, containing 334 rooms and common areas. The rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and spacious floor-to-ceiling windows. With the curtains drawn, travelers can enjoy the picturesque view of the courtyard.

 Floor-to-ceiling windows

The hotel also has meeting rooms of different sizes depending on the number of people, where travelers can also dine or receive visitors.

Meeting Room

As the contractor, Changshu Yahgee has been committed to the development and production of new integrated buildings. With the large-scale production line and modern machinery and equipment, we can fully meet the construction needs of Changshu Hotel and achieve the goal of "double high" quality and efficiency.

Changshu Yahgee Factory

The successful delivery of this project is a further deepening of the cooperation between Yahgee Integration and Singapore. Elegant Integration will continue to insist on technological innovation to help the development of Singapore's buildings and provide customers with green, low-carbon, high-quality and reliable products.

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