Yahgee was invited to participate in Intermodal Asia 2021
Release time:2021-07-22
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On July 20, the much-anticipated 7th Intermodal Container Asia returned after one year and officially kicked off at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

Promote efficient development of multimodal transport and seize important opportunities

Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the container industry and multimodal transport has been developing vigorously, especially in 2020, China's sea-rail intermodal transport, international railroad intermodal transport, "bulk to set" and other multimodal transport business forms have achieved counter-trend growth, effectively promoting the economic and trade recovery, for the next This has effectively promoted the economic and trade recovery and laid a solid foundation for the next step of promoting the high-quality development of container industry and multimodal transport. Focusing on the latest developments in the global market, the Belt and Road, intelligent transportation and technological innovation and other important issues, the exhibition brought together new technologies and new products from global container, intermodal transport equipment, port shipping and other related industries, invited several experts in the industry to deliver keynote speeches, centered on promoting global economic and trade recovery and strengthening industry chain cooperation, and held the 2020 The global launch ceremony of "China Container Industry and Multimodal Transport Development Report" was held.

A number of exhibits of Elegant exhibits, technology new products attract attention

At the conference, Yahgee Integrated displayed Yazhi special containers, logistics boxes, modular buildings and other exhibits, covering modular data centers, electrical boxes, energy storage equipment boxes, offshore boxes, generator boxes, photovoltaic boxes, etc. The novel design and chic appearance attracted many customers, suppliers, peer enterprises and exhibition visitors to communicate and negotiate, and through friendly and in-depth exchanges between the guests and hosts, the distance between them was narrowed, and the partnership was consolidated, laying the foundation for better cooperation in the future.

In the same period of the exhibition, several special forums were set up around the hot issues of the industry, including "Opportunities and Challenges Facing the North American Market in the Post-Epidemic Era", "Multimodal Transport China Day", "Discussion on Hot Issues of Global Ports" and "Analysis of Global Shipping Industry in Post-Epidemic Era". The forum included "Opportunities and Challenges for North American Market in Post-Epidemic Era", "Multimodal Transport China Day", "Global Port Hotspot Issues Discussion" and "Post-Epidemic Analysis of Global Shipping Industry".

Since entering the container industry for many years, Yazi has always insisted on developing together with the industry, actively improving the production level and product quality, and establishing the brand image of Yahgee. In recent years, the company has fully responded to the industry's advocacy, actively promoting new product development and energy saving and consumption reduction, and steadfastly moving forward to an environmentally friendly and efficient production-oriented enterprise.

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