Yahgee modular products at Hainan Construction Expo, witness the new development of the free trade port
Release time:2021-04-08
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On April 21-23, Hainan Free Trade Port Construction and Green Building Materials Expo was grandly opened in Hainan International Expo Center. The exhibition is co-sponsored by the National Building Materials Industry Technical Information Institute and China Green Building Import and Export Industry Alliance, aiming to help the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port with high starting point, high standard and high quality.

As a famous enterprise in domestic assembly building industry, Yahgee was invited to participate in the exhibition and displayed our new packaged box type housing products and modular housing products. The novel design and chic appearance of the products attracted the visitors to stop by, and the atmosphere of the exhibition was a unique scenery of the exhibition hall.

Yahgee booth

Exhibition site

The packaged box housing product exhibited by Yahgee is a housing product derived from the upgrade and secondary decoration of the packaged box structure.

Interior decoration effect

The exhibit is a combination of two boxes, 3*8m and 3*6m. The house has a floor area of 42 square meters, with a one-bedroom layout, including kitchen and bathroom, and is fully functional. The interior and exterior decoration were completed at the factory, and it took less than 2 hours to complete the lifting work at the exhibition site.

Physical appearance

As a temporary or semi-permanent product, it is used in government housing, economic resort hotels, apartments and other fields, and has obvious cost advantages compared with other prefabricated housing products.

The interior decoration style is simple and comfortable to create a warm home atmosphere.

Living room



The integral bathroom used in the washroom is a five-star cruise ship package, provided by Elegance's sister unit, Huanan Building Materials HBM.

At the same time, the conference held an exchange meeting of assembled farm houses to help revitalize the countryside and a summit forum on the development of Hainan's assembled building industry. Technical experts from the Technology and Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, China Academy of Building Research, China Academy of Building Materials Industry Planning and Research, China Railway, China Railway Construction and other relevant units shared new technologies, new achievements and new applications of assembled buildings.

Yahgee Integrated Housing has always attached great importance to the development of Hainan market, and during the New Crown epidemic in 2020,Yahgee Integrated Housing completed the construction project of Sanya Isolation Hospital in just 30 days, making a significant contribution to the fight against the New Crown epidemic in Hainan.

  Sanya Isolation Hospital Project

Yazhi also successively completed the temporary commercial street of Yazhou Science and Technology City, Boao Super Hospital centralized hospital office area, Yazhou University City, Fu Bo Po urban village transformation and other major municipal and livelihood projects, leaving no stone unturned for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Boao Super Hospital Centralized Office Area Project

The Boao Super Hospital centralized office area project gives full play to the advantages of the flexible combination of packing boxes, adapting to local conditions, fully considering the topographical conditions of the original site at the beginning of the project design, retaining the original tropical characteristics of vegetation and seedlings to the maximum extent possible, integrating the office building with the surrounding environment, which perfectly fits the development concept of green, environmental protection and intensive construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Fu Bo Po Urban Village Renovation Project

Lecheng Standard Hospital Project

Lecheng International Medical Industry Center Project

Yazhou Science and Technology City Temporary Commercial Street

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