Xu Meijian, Secretary of Suzhou Political and Legal Committee, visited Changshu Yahgee
Release time:2021-03-29
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On March 26, Secretary Xu Meijian, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of Suzhou City, led a team to visit and research Changshu Yahgee, and had an in-depth communication with Yu Hang, General Manager of Changshu Yahgee, and both sides exchanged views on the development and market prospects of Changshu Yahgee. Tang Cheng, Director of the Office of Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee, Shen Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of Changshu Municipal Party Committee & Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee, Secretary Shen, relevant leaders of Changshu High-tech Zone and members of Changshu Yahgee General Manager's Office attended this research activity.

On behalf of Changshu Yahgee, General Manager Yu Hang welcomed the visit of Secretary Xu Meijian and his party, accompanied by Secretary Xu and his party to visit the sample display area and production line of the company. During the visit, Mr. Yu introduced in detail the investment background, development history, business situation, products and market analysis of Changshu Yahgee in recent years.

After the visit, Mr. Xu highly praised the current development of Changshu Yahgee and gave high praise to Changshu Yahgee for actively supporting the construction of Wuhan "Vulcan Mountain" & "Thunder God Mountain" Hospital, Changshu Isolation Hospital and Nantong Fangzhai Hospital to fight against the epidemic during the epidemic in 2020. . He said that the development potential of modular building and special box market is huge, so we can think and explore the development direction together with local government to help the development plan of high-end manufacturing industry, and hope that Yahgee can continue to keep the entrepreneurial spirit and open up the situation to provide higher value-added products for domestic and foreign modular building market and special box product market.

Finally, Secretary Xu also kindly asked about the environment of Changshu public prosecution and law, and specially explained that Changshu government assisted the introduction of talents for the company and provided sufficient development environment for the company.

This visit and research by the leaders of the municipal party committee is of great significance to Changshu Yahgee, which is the government's shouting and cheering on the company's continuous advancement and gives Yahgee unlimited strength and confidence. We will also do our best to continuously optimize the company's products and services to provide customers with better quality products and contribute to the society!

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