Changshu yahgee won the "Advanced Group in Combating the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic".
Release time:2021-03-03
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In the afternoon of February 25, Changshu High-tech Zone held a comprehensive commendation in 2020 and work deployment and promotion meeting in 2021, and Changshu Yahgee Modular Construction Co.

At the beginning of the new year 2020, the whole country was ravaged by the new crown pneumonia, the epidemic is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility, in order to effectively combat the epidemic, Changshu Yahgee immediately launched a rapid response mechanism, launched an emergency mobilization order, Yahgee employees gave up the warmth of family reunion that they should enjoy, and returned to work urgently. The construction of Vulcan Mountain Thunder Mountain was completed in cooperation with CCB. While everyone was evacuating Wuhan in an emergency, Yahgee people became the most beautiful retrograde walkers with the most direct action.

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