General Manager Wang Shiyun went to Foshan to investigate Huainan Building Materials and Yahgee and condoled with the front-line staff of the factory
Release time:2021-02-28
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On February 3, Mr. Wang Shiyun, General Manager of Nanshan Holdings, led a team to Foshan Sanshui to investigate the production bases of Huanan Building Materials and Yahgee Integration and condoled with the front-line employees of the factory. Mr. Lu Zhongbao, Vice General Manager and Executive Director of South China Building Materials, and Mr. Shen Qimeng, Financial Director and Executive Director of Yahgee Integration, accompanied the investigation.

In South China Building Materials, Wang Shiyun and his party had a discussion with the management team and listened to the work report of the managers of each department of South China Building Materials. Wang Shiyun affirmed the achievements made by Huanan Building Materials in 2020, clarified the short, medium and long-term target requirements of Huanan Building Materials, and sent a New Year's expectation for the development of the company. He said that Huanan Building Materials should further strengthen team cohesion, continue to forge ahead, continue to improve product quality, make new achievements in innovation, technology and ecosystem synergy, continuously enhance the core competitive advantages of Huanan Building Materials, and strive to become the leader of industry development.

At Yahgee Integration, Wang Shiyun and his party had a discussion and exchange with the heads of Yahgee's centers and functional departments to listen to their work reports and ideas and suggestions. Wang Shiyun highly affirmed the effectiveness of Yahgee Integration's reform in the past year. He encouraged everyone to strengthen their beliefs, enhance the construction of enterprise operation and management capabilities, and further improve the quality of business. We should continue to forge the team culture of daring to fight, maintain the style of hard work, and make unremitting efforts to create a new glory of Yahgee.

Afterwards, Wang Shiyun and his party went deep into the production workshops of South China Building Materials and Yahgee Integration to condole with the front-line workers and learn about their work and life in detail. Wang Shiyun expressed his gratitude to everyone for their contribution to the company, and sent his blessings for the New Year, while encouraging everyone to have firm confidence and actively strive to jointly promote the company's high-quality development.

Chen Zhongnian, Ding Kun and other relevant persons in charge of manufacturing industry accompanied the condolence activities; the relevant persons in charge of Baowan Industrial City and Administration Department participated in the research and condolence.

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