Changshu Yahgee was successfully approved as provincial engineering technology research center
Release time:2021-10-21
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Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the "Notice on the Issuance of Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center Construction Project in 2021" (Su Ke Ji Fa [2021] No. 223), and five enterprises in Jiangsu Changshu High-tech Zone were approved the provincial engineering technology research center construction project.

Changshu Yahgee Modular Building Co., Ltd, "Jiangsu Province Modular Building Engineering Technology Research Center", successfully passed the recognition. So far, the provincial engineering technology research center in Changshu City has reached 16!

"Science and Technology Innovation" Strategy

The year 2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and it is the second half of a decade of top-level planning for the development of assembled buildings at the national level. After the exploration and practice in the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the assembled building has entered the stage of accelerated development and expansion of quality.

Changshu Yahgee Modular Building is an important engineering technology research platform for building an enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, technological innovation system with the deep integration of production, learning, research and application. This recognition is an acknowledgement of the comprehensive strength of Changshu Yahgee in terms of innovation mechanism, technical team level, scientific and technological innovation capability and innovation results transformation capability. Changshu Yahgee Modular Building will actively implement the strategy of "scientific and technological innovation" to develop the construction industry in a high quality way in accordance with the development needs of its own business, and focus on the theme of development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period to build high-quality buildings, achieve quality and efficiency improvement, and enhance the quality of Chinese construction. The goal of Changshu Yahgee is to achieve high quality construction, improve quality and efficiency, and enhance China construction.

Self-innovation and strong enterprise

Changshu Yahgee will further promote the construction of science and technology innovation platform and carrier, vigorously introduce and cultivate science and technology innovation talents, promote the innovation and application of "four new technologies", and promote the continuous strengthening of the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center is a scientific research and development entity relying on key scientific research institutions and technological innovation enterprises with strong scientific and technological strength in relevant industries or fields in Jiangsu Province, which is an important scientific and technological platform for the construction of regional innovation system and plays an important role in gathering innovation resources, promoting the transformation of achievements, promoting the cooperation between industry, university and research, and improving the independent research and development capability and core competitiveness. The construction of provincial engineering technology research center will provide a high-quality platform for innovation and talent cultivation of Changshu Yazhi Modular Building Engineering Technology Research Center, which will provide a power source for the improvement of innovation ability and market competitiveness of new building technology, and will also provide effective assistance for the extension of modular building system, service chain expansion and value chain enhancement.

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