Yahgee edited the national standard for packing box products officially released
Release time:2019-03-06
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Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standardization Administration of China jointly released the national standard of "box-type light steel structure house part 1: detachable" ("box-type light steel structure house" is commonly known as "packing box" in the industry). This is the first national standard for packaged box products in China! It aims to establish a standard system to promote the design, construction and production of components for the industrialization of construction, to promote prefabricated assembly building systems suitable for industrial production, and to improve the level of technical integration of the industrialization of construction. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Yahgee, as the leader of the integrated building industry, is the main editor of the country's standard. At present, the packing box products are mainly used in the field of engineering temporary construction, and the site temporary construction market will usher in a new round of green building revolution.

In recent years, with the development of urban development and construction, the construction site temporary construction market is in full swing, Yahgee packing box products to safe and reliable, convenient transportation, fast installation, complete, flexible combination of product advantages, widely used in domestic construction site temporary construction projects, and strongly promote the project temporary construction facilities iteration upgrade. But because of the industry, packing box product standards and regulations are not perfect, the lack of supervision and guidance of the industry, resulting in disorderly competition in the market, the quality of the products of various manufacturers vary, the industry product testing is not based on evidence, and even the emergence of bad money to expel good money and other kinds of chaos, which has seriously restricted the development of the industry.

According to the development of baling box products and site temporary construction market, Yahgee actively responded to the call of National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Housing and Construction, according to the requirements of "Green Building Action Plan", in 2014, the product standard preparation plan of baling box was submitted and approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee. The overall plan of the preparation, the preparation of the standard provisions and verification tests, etc., a comprehensive and systematic sorting out of the design, processing, installation, inspection, transportation and other technical parameters of the packing box, after four years of packing box product national standards officially released! The unified product standard is of great significance to regulate the integrated housing enterprises in production, testing and use, thus guiding the healthy and steady development of the integrated housing industry.

The national standard of packing box products is officially released, and Yahgee is the main editor of the national standard, which is a full demonstration of the company's leading position and comprehensive strength in the integrated housing industry. Yahgee has been committed to the standardization and standardization of the national prefabricated assembly building industry, leading the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

Packing boxes have the advantages of easy transportation and lifting, factory production, arbitrary combination, ready to move, off-site handling, high strength, beautiful appearance, and strong weather resistance. Its factory production, recyclable features, is a resource-saving and environment-friendly green manufacturing technology, can realize the whole life cycle of the product green cycle manufacturing, and at the same time for strengthening and improving the construction personnel office, residential security and environmental comfort, as well as maximize the savings of social resources and energy, reduce the adverse impact of construction activities on the environment, to achieve people-oriented, people and nature and social harmonious development requirements, etc. are of great significance.

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