Yahgee held a 2019 welcome tea party and 2018 year-end summary commendation meeting
Release time:2019-02-04
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On January 29, Yahgee Integrated Housing 2019 Welcome Tea Party and 2018 Year-end Summary Commendation Meeting was held in Shenzhen headquarters. The meeting summarized and reviewed the work experience in 2018, commended the advanced models, deeply analyzed the development situation and comprehensively deployed the target tasks in 2019. Li Hongwei, operation director of China Nanshan Group and chairman of Shenzhen Yahgee Integrated Housing Co., Ltd, Guo Qing, general manager of Yahgee Integrated Housing, members of the company's management team and heads of headquarters departments attended the meeting at the main venue of Shenzhen headquarters, and middle and senior managers of all molecular companies nationwide attended the meeting together through webcast video.

Guo Qing, General Manager of Yahgee Integrated Housing, made a work report entitled "Gathering our strength and forging ahead" in 2018, which comprehensively reviewed the work of Yahgee in the past year, made an in-depth analysis of the internal and external market environment in 2019, and clearly put forward the overall requirements and main objectives of Yahgee in the new year. In 2019, opportunities and challenges coexist, we should aim at the target, gather our strength and push the enterprise forward on the new journey of achieving high-quality development, and write a new chapter of enterprise development together!

Yahgee Integrated Housing Vice General Managers Luo Yunsong, Shi Gang and Wang Tao commended Yahgee's outstanding employees, outstanding offices, and molecular companies in 2018, thanking all Yahgee people for their hard work in the past year, and encouraging everyone to unite and work together to create brilliance.

Li Hongwei, the operation director of China Nanshan Group and the chairman of Shenzhen Yahgee Integrated Housing Co., Ltd, delivered a concluding speech, pointing out that in the face of the complex situation of the changing internal and external environment of China's economic development in 2019, we should be determined to aim for pioneering, enhance vitality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and fight a tough battle as a whole. At the same time, he also emphasized that Yahgee should pay attention to corporate innovation and development, pay attention to talent team building and strengthen corporate culture construction to further boost Yahgee into the fast lane of high-quality development. He called on all Yahgee people to promote the work of the company to a new level, open up a new situation and create a new glory with the ideology of keeping up with the times, high and full of spirit, pragmatic and efficient work style.

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