Melbourne Apartments·Sky Resort Australia
Project Address
Nanjing Jiangning
Number of modules
Project Cycle
5 months
Construction Area

The six modular townhouse apartment project manufactured by Elegant is located on the hillside of Mount Buller, with unique oversized modules, semi-returned combinations, and wide bright floor-to-ceiling windows, which complement the local snow-capped landscape.

All unit modules, structure, interior decoration, exterior decoration, plumbing, HVAC and other works of the project are completed in Elegant Factory, with prefabrication up to 90%. Its building system, materials and structure are strictly in line with Australian building standards, fully meeting the needs of environmental protection, energy saving and high safety.

After the modules are transported to the project site through a month of sea drifting, they can be assembled quickly in two weeks by means of integral lifting, which greatly shortens the construction cycle compared with the traditional local construction method, and makes every effort to complete the input and output as quickly as possible, so as to maximize the economic benefits for the client.

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