China·Guhu Street Guyu Village Style Food Street Project
Project Address
Number of modules
Project Cycle
7 months
Main functional areas
Stores, offices, meeting rooms, event rooms, indoor gyms, canteens, etc.

Project Description: Guyu Village Style Food Street is a project of "Happy Guyu - Beautiful Fishing Village" scenic area focusing on leisure and entertainment, and special food as one of the projects. The project is designed, manufactured and constructed by Chengdu Yazhi Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. The colors are mainly warm, the buildings are staggered, and the overall feeling is simple but not simple.  

When the sunlight is sufficient, the interweaving lines of the buildings, the interplay of light and shadow, as well as the change of perspective and leap of thought, present the effect of light and shadow that makes people want to stop, and will make you immersed in a dream world. These "high cube" containers placed in a staggered manner, from the appearance of the new and different, giving people a visual impact. From the use of value, the house of light and ventilation performance, no matter that a house can bring you a fresh and unconventional experience. Moreover, the panel wall is made of effective heat insulation material, which can play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation as well as sound insulation.

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