What is modular building?
Release time::2022-09-08

Modular construction is a type of building that is partially or fully assembled in a factory in the form of a "module" that complies with building codes or national regulations and is constructed in a building construction facility using a modular construction process.

Each module is manufactured in a production line using a container or light steel structure system and different types of environmentally friendly materials. The architectural, structural, electrical, drainage and decorative works of each module are prefabricated in the factory and transported to the construction site as complete modules, which are then lifted by crane to the exact location to complete the final assembly.

The modules are designed to be reused or reusable multiple times and are transported to different construction sites for erection. The modules can be used independently or in a combination of vertical and horizontal assemblies to create complex modular buildings.

Modular buildings are widely used in residential, industrial, commercial and public service sectors such as hotels, apartments, schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, educational facilities, government resettlement housing, tourist attractions, military barracks, etc. These buildings offer fast delivery, easy relocation, low reuse loss and great flexibility

Better flexibility and reusability: Modular buildings can be disassembled multiple times with low wastage, and modules can be relocated or renovated for new uses, which reduces the need for raw materials and minimizes the energy required to construct buildings that meet new needs.

Reduced material waste: Modules are manufactured in factories, reducing material waste through measures such as recycling materials, controlling inventory, and protecting building materials.

Reducing pollution: Modules are produced in a factory-controlled environment, which minimizes waste from on-site construction and protects the environment.

Changshu Yazi major scientific and technological achievements for display

1. Wong Chuk Hang Student Residence Project of the University of Hong Kong

It has promoted the progress of modular building from multi-story to high-rise, overcome a series of key technical problems such as application of high-rise modular building system connection stacking system, basic theory, design, construction and material, and solved the problem of high-rise modular building design in coastal hurricane and earthquake zone. Has a modular building curtain wall in the factory prefabricated in the module from the theory to the results of the breakthrough. Focus on green, environmentally friendly, efficient, in line with the trend of the times building model to solve the pain points of the local industry development, created a full system to meet the Hong Kong construction standards supply chain and development technology system, for the subsequent transformation and upgrading of the Hong Kong construction industry services to lay a solid foundation.

 Project Address: Hong Kong

 Number of modules: 952

 Number of storeys: 19

 Number of dormitory places: 1,224

 Project period: 2 years

2. New Zealand Housing Project

We have overcome the prefabricated modular assembly combination + high seismic high industrialization, in line with the New Zealand construction standards, created to meet the independent module, structure, water and electricity, fire alarm system, decoration multi-system integration technology system, research and overcome the whole box inside through more than 60 minutes of fire test, develop the company's market advantage in New Zealand modular building.

Project address: New Zealand

Number of modules: 100

Number of storeys: 3 storeys

Total construction area: 6174 sq. ft.

Project period: 5 months

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