Elegance helps accounting for sampling activity rooms
Release time:2022-07-17
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At present, the epidemic prevention and control in Suzhou is at a critical stage with a serious situation. Changshu completed two rounds of nucleic acid testing in three days, and fought this epidemic prevention and control battle with amazing speed. Every citizen of Changshu has carried their share of responsibility without hesitation.

At the same time, Changshu yahgee Modular Construction Co., Ltd. donated 4 sets of movable houses worth 100,000 RMB to improve the working environment of the sampling sites for nucleic acid testing and build a warm haven for the front-line epidemic prevention staff within the first time of the announcement of nucleic acid testing in Changshu.

These 4 sets of board houses were used in 3 sampling sites of nucleic acid testing in Changshu High-tech Zone. Previously, when sampling for nucleic acid testing was carried out, these sites were built outdoors in simple sheds, and due to the low temperature, the staff could only work in the cold wind.

Elegant Company specializes in the production of movable panel houses and related products, and has donated panel houses many times in the past two years during the anti-epidemic process in other cities across China, and also supported the construction of Vulcan Hill Hospital at the first time.

Since the current round of epidemic in Suzhou, Yazi Company, after learning about the situation related to the sampling sites of nucleic acid testing in Changshu High-tech Zone, adjusted and optimized the size and design of the products according to the site work requirements and standards.

Each of these customized cubicles has an area of about 18 square meters, and the size of the registration and sampling window openings is also more in line with the work requirements of medical personnel, and the interior is also equipped with power distribution facilities to facilitate the subsequent installation of lighting and heating equipment.

Subsequently, yahgee donated the 4 sets of cubicles, which effectively improved the working environment of the medical staff at the sampling sites for nucleic acid testing, and helped make the sampling order better and faster.

The site of nucleic acid testing is the "battlefield" of epidemic prevention and control. Medical staff sweating like rain, intense collection, there are community workers, volunteers wearing the stars, running non-stop. Behind the "Changshu speed" is the great spirit of fighting the epidemic.

The great anti-epidemic spirit was created by countless people working hand in hand and shining in each and every ordinary person in silence.

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