China Merchants' Yahgee Heart Hospital Officially Delivered
Release time:2010-04-23
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  The donation ceremony of "Yahgee Love Hospital" was held at 9:20 a.m. on April 22nd at the stadium of Yushu Jigu Town, which was reported by CCTV news channel.

  The day after the earthquake in Yushu, Yahgee set up an emergency earthquake relief headquarters, decided to donate 2,000 square meters of integrated houses to the disaster area, and sent 42 staff members to the disaster area to organize the installation. After a long journey of more than 1,000 kilometers and four days and four nights of intense installation, Yahgee staff overcame fatigue and plateau reaction for days and delivered all 2,000 square meters of resettlement houses to the disaster area in the morning of April 22.

  The 2,000 square meters of housing donated by Yahgee was used as a hospital to help injured compatriots in the disaster area. Among them, 1000 square meters were installed in Yushu Jegu Town Stadium, 600 square meters in Yushu People's Hospital and 400 square meters in Yushu Tibetan Hospital.

  CCTV news channel reporter interviewed the doctors and injured compatriots who are working in Yahgee Love Hospital on site. The interviewed doctors said that after moving into the cubicle hospital, it has greatly improved the working efficiency and also provided a better medical environment for the injured people. The injured victims being treated in the hospital also said that before the cubicle hospital was set up, they could only receive treatment in the open air or in tents, and the severe cold weather was a great threat to the recovery of the injured.

  The reporter also interviewed the Yahgee staff on site. After several days of intense work, coupled with the plateau reaction, the Yahgee staff had skin falling off their faces and dry and cracked lips, but they were still in high spirits and said that they were ready to do more for their compatriots in the disaster area as long as the people in the disaster area needed it.

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