Yahgee Earthquake Resistant House Debuts in Japan
Release time:2011-05-25
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On the afternoon of May 19, at 15:30 Tokyo time, accompanied by relevant officials of Fukushima Prefecture, representatives of Japanese construction companies and many media, Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua visited the Yahgee resettlement model house located in Nishiguchi, Fukushima Prefecture. The house was developed and produced by Yahgee Corporation and built by a large Japanese construction company to solve the resettlement of residents affected by the disaster in Fukushima Prefecture.

As soon as Ambassador Cheng and his staff arrived at the site of the model house, the representative of the construction company gave a detailed introduction of the construction and installation of the Yahgee resettlement house to the Ambassador. Then, accompanied by the representative of the contractor, Ambassador Cheng Yong Hua put on slippers and climbed into the doorway of the model house and carefully visited the facilities and arrangements inside the house. After the visit, the ambassador walked out of the model house with a smile on his face and was very appreciative of the Elegant Resettlement House.   Yahgee website.

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