Langfang Yahgee was honored as the "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" for earthquake relief
Release time:2008-06-12
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On August 15, Beijing Construction Engineering Materials Association Building Metal Structure Committee awarded Yahgee Integrated Housing (Langfang) Co.

After the Wenchuan earthquake, Yahgee Integrated Housing (Langfang) Co., Ltd. acted quickly and undertook the production of nearly 300,000 square meters of transitional housing for the disaster area according to the requirements of Beijing Municipal Construction Committee. In order to make the people in the disaster area live in peace as soon as possible, all the staff worked overtime and put in the production and shipment of the transitional housing with the greatest enthusiasm, and sent technical personnel to the resettlement site in the disaster area to guide the installation work.

The Building Metal Structure Committee of Beijing Construction Engineering Materials Association under Beijing Municipal Construction Commission awarded Langfang Yahgee the honorary title, expressing the full affirmation of Beijing Municipal Construction Commission to Langfang Yahgee's earthquake relief work.

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