Changshu Yahgee Partners with University of Science and Technology Suzhou to Conduct Research on Container Buildings
Release time:2017-01-06
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On December 23, 2016, Yahgee Changshu, together with University of Science and Technology Suzhou, conducted a research and model exhibition on the topic of "Architectural Design of Container Youth Hostel". Led by 15 instructors, nearly 200 sophomore students from three majors of architecture, urban and rural planning and landscape architecture participated in this project.

The project is a tourism and resort architecture that serves the youth population, allowing these young future architects, designers and planners to explain their understanding of spaces for tourism and resort, cultural exchange, study visits and other activities from their own unique perspective. From an economic and sustainable development perspective, the design calls for a combination of modular monoliths of uniform size to be transformed to promote a minimalist, high quality living experience of self-help and mutual assistance, with an emphasis on human communication and interaction. The building and its surroundings are required to preserve the natural condition of the base itself to the maximum extent and create maximum spatial richness.

The design chooses a unified modular monolith of 9000x3000x3100mm in length, width and height, and students can choose a combination of 35-45 modules according to their needs. The monolithic modules can be assembled in series, parallel, stacked, staggered, diagonal, upright, and overhead in horizontal or vertical directions to define the formation of internal and external spaces.

This project is a further cooperation between Yahgee Changshu and University of Science and Technology Suzhou, following the "Chang Ya Cup" design competition and the establishment of a practical teaching base. In the future, Yahgee will work together with more universities to promote and implement school-enterprise cooperation and industry-university integration, effectively promoting the docking of talent cultivation and industrial demand, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

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