Yahgee' won the "2017 Modular Building Top 20 Outstanding Project Award"
Release time:2017-11-06
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Foreword: In 2017, with the continuous introduction of national standards and policies for assembled buildings, as well as the continuous investment of Chinese companies in the R&D and production of products and systems for assembled buildings, we witnessed the rapid development of assembled building companies and the landing of Chinese assembled buildings comparable to the world's best assembled buildings, especially the modular buildings with the highest degree of assembly.

On November 2, the award ceremony of "BIC-IntegrationHub 2017 Top 20 Modular Building Companies" was held in Conference Room 3HE50 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

Through online online voting and offline evaluation by experts from home and abroad, the project of Bai Lu Yuan Scenic Area designed by Yazhi stood out among many participating projects and won the Outstanding Project Award by virtue of its outstanding creativity and design.

Elegant Award Winning Project - White Deer Park Scenic Area

Yahgee's award-winning representative (first from right) received the award on stage

It has been built into the most central point of China's large-scale integrated camp for people of different ages.

Bai Juyi wrote in his "Leisurely Journey to the East of the City": "Favour, disgrace, sorrow and joy are not in my heart, let him camp himself in the market. Seeking the autumn scenery east of the city alone, the head of the White Deer Plain is walking by horse".

The White Deer Plain is located between the Ba and Chan rivers in Chang'an, Baqiao and Lantian counties, and is the southeast barrier of the ancient city of Chang'an. The project integrates leisure, entertainment and vacation, combining the characteristics of the terrain and the heritage of history and culture, and aims to become the most central point in China for a large-scale integrated camp for people of all ages. Elegant participated in the design of the main entrance, secondary entrance and SPA pavilion of the project, which are located in the southeast, northwest and due north corners of the campground, close to the water source and irregular topography, such an environment can challenge the design thinking and create a unique atmosphere. Elegant design and craftsmanship are designed to make a difference, giving modular architecture a temperature and industrial style (Industrial style) a warmth.

Expert comments: The scheme is novel, with good visual effect and good color. It fits the local cultural characteristics; the effect shows that the assembled box structure has manufacturability; the reasonable use of superimposed design and staircase connection meets the reasonableness of force; the design has the characteristics of reasonable structure and replicable and original architectural style.

This year's "City Expo" is co-organized by UN-Habitat, Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Management Committee, Chinese Society of Urban Planning and Chinese Institute of Architecture, co-organized by Shanghai World City Day Coordination Center and organized by Shanghai Green Building Association. The three-day event mainly includes an exhibition event and fifteen professional forums.

As an important component of City Expo, Asia International Building Industrialization Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as BIC), International (Shanghai) Urban Parking Expo (hereinafter referred to as Parking), and Shanghai International Building Engineering Design and Urban Planning Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Upad) were held at the same time, and the three swords combined to create a super-scale industry event.

Building Industrialization Asia 2017 (BIC for short) is a highly representative and influential professional exhibition of building industrialization in Asia. Around the three themes of system diversification, construction standardization and decoration integration, it brings together well-known enterprises from the industry at home and abroad, including Germany, Russia, Austria, Finland, the United States and Japan.

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