Yahgee's modular medical case is attracting attention at the National Hospital Construction Conference as a quick solution to the problem of medical ward shortage
Release time:2018-06-01
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Recently, the 19th National Hospital Construction Conference 2018, which is known as "the first event of medical construction in Asia", was held in Wuhan, where 500 industry leaders, experts and scholars and 4,000 hospital managers from all over the world gathered to discuss the development of green hospital industry and create changes in hospital system.

As a leading integrated housing operator in China and a rapid solution provider of green building for hospitals, Yahgee attended this important event with its modular medical box products, which quickly solved the problem of medical ward shortage and attracted many attendees to stop and visit, and became the focus of attention of the participants.

     Yahgee modular medical box is a modular building product developed to quickly solve the problem of hospital ward shortage. The product integrates hospital air ducts, treatment belts, utilities, security intelligence and other systems, and is manufactured and decorated inside and outside at the factory, with good moisture and sound insulation, while the process and equipment fully meet the standards of hospital construction specifications. yahgee modular medical box is versatile and can be used in medical wards, as well as hospital examination and treatment rooms, nurses' stations, locker rooms, equipment rooms, etc.

    In addition, Yahgee's monolithic modular medical boxes can be used as a single unit or the unit modules can be structurally connected and assembled and combined to build single, multi-story or high-rise modular medical complexes by lifting at the project site.

   Elegant is the only provider of rapid solutions for hospital green buildings at this exhibition. What are the features and advantages of our modular medical box? First, fast factory prefabrication: modular medical box rooms of various functions are produced, decorated and integrated in factories, which can be manufactured in industrialized batches with fast production speed and high efficiency. Second, the site erection speed: installation site using cranes to complete the combination of box room and installation work, build speed, 100 functional modules only 10 days to complete the lifting, 30 days can be put into use. Third, the approval of the approval of construction is fast: the product is a non-permanent building, the approval of construction procedures are simple and fast.

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