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Release time:2022-08-21
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Recently, your circle of friends

Have you been such a video screen?

In the Yangtze River Chongqing section of the river

floating a five-story high "house".

Netizens have commented.

This is whose single-family house was uprooted, down the river.

Later, the Chongqing Maritime Bureau came forward to confirm that

The original is a misunderstanding ah!

See here.

One day, one can own a mobile house that

It can change its form like Transformers.

Like Hal's mobile castle, it can follow its owner

Every corner of the world

Nothing is impossible!

Such a house, there really is!

Let's not talk about it, get in the car.

Let's go to see it together.

Let's go!

Prefabricated modular buildings are foldable, expandable

and short construction period and easy installation on site.

Recently, Yahgee and the Australian company G-pod have been working closely

in R&D design, manufacturing, process technology and other aspects

and technology.

Together, they have launched a foldable mobile modular house.

The box uses a combination of push-pull modules and a large collapsible platform that

Can quickly build a comfortable living environment.

The exterior size of the box before unfolding is a standard 20-foot box.

After the box is fully expanded, the

The internal space and external platform area is about 37 square meters.

It can be expanded nearly twice as much space as the unit module.

Living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom.

Bedroom, terrace, laundry area, etc.

The main box space can be used as living room, bed and bathroom from the main living space.

The bed and bathroom extend out from the main living space.

The folding bed in the bedroom can also be converted into a sofa.

The indoor storage cabinet has a folding table for work and study, and the kitchen and living space are fully open to the outdoor terrace, combining practicality and comfort.

Projector screen for watching movies

All furniture, doors, windows, appliances, etc. inside the box

internal fittings and fixtures are pre-installed

and meet the requirements of American and Australian building standards.

All the facilities in the room are designed to be foldable.

The G-pod is the size of a shipping container when folded, making it

The G-pod folds down to the size of a shipping container, making it easy to transport and move to a different location. The design is environmentally conscious.

A set of curved solar photovoltaic panels provide energy for the unit modules.

It also provides shade and reduces the temperature.

Exterior of the module is equipped with an outdoor washstand and laundry area

This foldable mobile home with a modular design

can be adapted to the customer's needs, as well as to the local terrain conditions and environment.

The modules can be used independently

or multiple modules can be stacked in different ways

The combination of multiple modules can be used as a resort building.

The advantages of modular building flexibility are fully reflected.

In addition, according to the location of the unit module

In addition, the orientation of the building can be flexibly adjusted according to the location of the modules and the different seasons, reducing the dependence on air conditioning and heating equipment.

A modular house that can be moved anywhere, anytime.

A modular house that can be moved anywhere, anytime, does not exist only in "Howl's Moving Castle".

A modular house that can be moved anywhere, anytime, doesn't just exist in "Howl's Moving Castle", nor in "Flying Dutchman".

It really exists in the real world.

G-pod prefabricated modular house.

It is mobile, foldable, unconventional, short construction period and easy to install.

It can be used in the field of travel and vacation, residential villas, etc.

Let you enjoy mobile life easily.

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