Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) visited Changshu Yahgee, the integrated housing division of Nanshan Holdings Visit
Release time:2017-04-15
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    Recently, a 30-member delegation of Singapore Construction Authority (BCA), government agencies, developers, contractors, design consultants and architects, led by Mr. Neo Choon Keong, CEO of BCA's Industrial Development Department, visited Yahgee Changshu for exchange and discussion, and Yahgee also invited representatives from Malaysian government departments and Yahgee also invited representatives of Malaysian government departments and executives of contractors to visit and exchange with them.

    Mr. Guo Qing, Executive Vice President of Nanshan Holdings and General Manager of Yahgee Integrated Housing, Mr. Huang Wenjun, Executive Vice President of Yahgee Changshu, Mr. Zhang Huainan, Vice President of Yahgee International, Mr. Yu Hang, Assistant General Manager of Yahgee International and Mr. He Liang, Executive Vice President of Yahgee Design Institute received the delegation. Mr. Guo Qing expressed a warm welcome to the delegation's visit, and both sides exchanged and discussed various aspects of building industrialization, green building and future cooperation.

    Afterwards, Mr. Neo Choon Keong, CEO of BCA Industrial Development Department, introduced the current situation and future trend of Singapore's construction industry, brought the latest experience and achievements of Singapore's construction industrialization practice, exchanged Singapore's efforts in promoting green building and construction industrialization, and put forward many constructive opinions on Chinese enterprises' entry into Singapore's construction industrialization market. Meanwhile, Mr. Neo Choon Keong also pointed out that in recent years, the Singapore government and the construction industry are vigorously promoting the PPVC (Pre-fabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction) technology.

    In addition, the delegation visited a domestic photovoltaic camp office building and a European modular building apartment project, which are being manufactured. The delegation was impressed by the innovative technology and exquisite processing technology adopted in the project, and also highly appreciated the neat and standardized site management of Changshu Yahgee production base.

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