Special container
Special container
Special containers refer to containers that are specially designed and manufactured in terms of structure according to the use and specific requirements of customers, which may not follow the international standard size of containers. At present, Yazhi special boxes include equipment boxes, storage boxes, non-standard logistics boxes, etc. In addition, the standard logistics box that meets the international standard of containers is also one of the elegant series products. In addition to providing all kinds of special containers, Yazhi can also customize solutions for customers. The design and manufacture of the products comply with the relevant certification standards at home and abroad, and have passed various strict tests, including the simulation test of the container usage under various complex conditions, to ensure that the container body can meet the protection equipment under harsh operating conditions. , goods storage, special transportation and other purposes.
Special box product advantages
Special containers
Special container is not follow the international standard size of the container, according to the use and customer's specific requirements, in the structure of the special design and manufacture of the container.
Tailor-made solutions
In addition to providing all kinds of special containers, Yahgee can also provide customized solutions for our customers.
Large steel processing facilities are available
Yahgee has advanced steel surface pretreatment equipment, fully equipped with large steel cold processing CNC equipment, and professional modular product steel welding tooling equipment.
Perfect steel surface pre-treatment and secondary sanding process
At the same time with steel surface pretreatment and secondary sanding system (after welding), to ensure the roughness of the box surface before painting and enhance the box anti-corrosion ability.
Professional painting line
Flexible painting line (constant temperature and humidity) to meet various module sizes, including weld cleaning room, full set of paint spraying and drying equipment, etc.
Automatic watertight test spray room
All-round water mist spraying test for modules of various sizes to ensure the sealing and waterproof performance of the box.
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