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With the development of the degree of automation, more and more equipment, logistics, operating platform are required to container as a carrier. Containers include standard containers and special containers. Special container is not follow the international standard size of the container, according to the use and customer specific needs, in the structure of the special design and manufacture of the container. Yazhi container has equipment boxes, storage boxes, non-standard logistics boxes and other, Yazhi can provide all kinds of containers listed above, and can also provide customized solutions for customers. Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant domestic and international certification standards, and have passed various strict tests, including simulation tests on the use of containers under various complex conditions, to ensure that the containers meet the requirements of protecting equipment, storing goods and special transportation under harsh natural environments.

Equipment Boxes

Mobile equipment boxes are used to meet the mobile transportation requirements of equipment and are widely used in electric power, railroad, highway, water conservancy, petroleum and military fields. Its structure is convenient for overall plant integration and equipment installation and maintenance, and can be customized to do heat preservation, heat dissipation, noise reduction, etc. for the box according to customer requirements, and other solutions are also available. Mobile equipment boxes mainly include generator set boxes, mobile power distribution boxes, photovoltaic boxes, emergency power boxes, water treatment device boxes, communication equipment boxes, etc.

Modular Data Center

Modular data center is a new generation of data center deployment form based on cloud computing. In order to cope with the trend of server development such as cloud computing, virtualization, centralization and high density, it adopts the modular design concept to minimize the coupling of infrastructure to the server room environment. It integrates subsystems such as power supply and distribution, cooling, cabinets, airflow containment, integrated cabling, and dynamic loop monitoring to improve the overall operational efficiency of the data center and achieve rapid deployment, elastic expansion, and green energy saving. In terms of configuration form, it can be divided into micro-module product MDC and container data center product CDC.

Modular data center can meet the urgent needs of IT business departments for future data center infrastructure construction, such as standardized design, component factory prefabrication,

fast on-line deployment, effective reduction of initial investment, intra-module energy pooling management, high utilization of dynamic IT infrastructure resources, intelligent operation and maintenance management, and

The data center should be able to provide shared IT services (e.g. cross-service infrastructure, information, application sharing, etc.), respond quickly to changes in business requirements, and be green and energy-efficient.

Green energy-saving data center, etc.

Electrical Box

E-houses are custom designed prefabricated modular outdoor rooms that can be used to install a range of electrical and automation devices. E-houses can be installed on sliding rails or wheels and can be used directly on site, minimizing installation, commissioning and start-up time, and can be used as an alternative solution to traditional on-site building construction (concrete blocks, brick structures or similar materials).

Energy Storage Equipment Boxes

The energy storage equipment box is a special container with intelligent integration of uninterruptible power supply, battery pack' precision air conditioning' monitoring equipment, etc. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, has the functions of heat insulation and constant temperature, fire retardant, and also has the effects of rainproof, fogproof, dustproof, sandproof, lightningproof and burglaryproof, etc. to meet various usage environments.

Sewage treatment tank

Sewage treatment tank is a special container with sewage treatment device integrated in the tank. The sewage treatment device is connected to a filter and disinfection device by

The wastewater discharge pipe enables domestic wastewater to meet discharge standards or to be reused.

Offshore container

Offshore containers are used for transporting equipment in an offshore oil platform environment, generally weighing up to 25 tons gross (as defined by DNV), and are always handled with a spreader fixed to the lifting lugs.

Generator Boxes

Genset boxes are containers with integrated generators that form a portable power station. The designed load capacity of generator box is from 20 tons to 60 tons, which can meet the requirements of installation, transportation, maintenance and ventilation of large electromechanical equipment through mechanical calibration and load-bearing experiments.

Photovoltaic box

The PV box integrates PV inverter, AC/DC distribution cabinet (optional), medium voltage transformer, ring network cabinet, system monitoring, fire alarm, environmental monitoring (optional) and other functional modules.

It can adapt to extreme environments such as high cold, low temperature and high altitude, and is widely used in large and medium-sized photovoltaic power generation systems such as desert, plateau and commercial rooftop.

Non-standard logistics box

Non-standard logistics container refers to the container that does not follow the international standard size of the container, and is specially designed and manufactured in terms of structure according to the usage and specific needs of customers.

Project name: North America 1.8GWH energy storage power plant project

1. Through cooperation with the world's leading energy storage power plant builder, we supplied containers for the 1.8GWH energy storage power plant project in North America. We created a full process system to meet the acceptance and delivery of all containers within three months.

2. Greatly enhance and promote the progress and development of Yazi special container in the field of energy storage container.

Project Location: Canada

Quantity: 800 units

Project Period: 6 months

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